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Sythyry's Journal

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12 August 1962
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  • sythyry@livejournal.com
  • bard.bloom
Nexterie starts here on LiveJournal.

Sythyry's Vacation starts here on LiveJournal. You can read on my web site too:

There's also a glossary and dramatis personae and such for keeping track of characters and exotic places and all.

((When the author's life is not boring, it's generally private, so this is the journal of someone fictional instead. It is set in the -World Tree- universe (www.world-tree-rpg.com). Note that what Sythyry says is what zie feels like saying, and may or may not be true. See bard_bloom for the occasional personal, out-of-character post. Also sythery is used for the very occasional outtakes and parodies.))

Sythyry's Vacation is the diary of a maker of enchanted clothing and jewelry taking a vacation. Sythyry has worked hard for the last century or so, and watched all zir childhood friends die, and thinks zie deserves a break... and somehow thinks that taking zir household of misfits to a distant branch of the World Tree will actually be a break.

Sythyry's Vacation starts here, though there are one or two entries referring to matters from the first journal after that. The whole story can be read here.

There's a glossary, a dramatis personae, some other topics like food and calendar.

Sythyry's Vacation is the second time Sythyry has kept a journal. The first time was 123 years previously, when zie had just started going to Vheshrame Academy. You don't need to read Sythyry's Journal to understand Sythryy's Vacation; most of the characters of the journal are dead, and most of the situations are long forgotten. And Sythyry is being reasonably good about explaining things this time 'round.

To read the previous story, Sythyry's Journal, from the beginning, you can go to the Sythyry section on the World Tree web site or use the LiveJournal calendar function. A glossary and dramatis personae to Sythyry's Journal can be found here.

How to Fuel Sythyry's Vacation

I write and post Sythyry's Vacation because I know that people read it and enjoy it. The more fuel I get for it, the more I'll write. So here's what I want for fuel, with the most important things up top. If you do any of these things, you are encouraging me to write more.

  1. Feedback! Comments to me, on LJ or personal email or chat or whatever. Notes to Sythyry, which zie sometimes answers and occasionally (rarely!) even understands properly. Notes to other characters if you like. Suggestions to me of things you'd like to see. Cheers for things you're glad you saw, or even complaints about things you weren't glad you saw. Feedback is what keeps me writing day by day, so it's definitely at the top of the list.
  2. More readers! If you think that Yorgo the Approximately Glorious would like Sythyry's Vacation, tell zir about it. Sythyry's Vacation will be relatively self-contained, so Yorgo can start reading about now and have relatively little to catch up on ... and there'll be more introductory material in the next while.
  3. Buy our other stuff! There's the World Tree RPG sourcebook, and there's A Marriage of Insects. If you like Sythyry, you'll probably like those, too.
  4. Reviews on SF and RPG sites! Honest ones, and I do hope that means they're pretty good, but definitely honest.
  5. Link me on your blog or website!
  6. Artwork! I keep the art page up to date, even, and people will view and admire your artwork.
  7. Donate! This is cyber-funded creativity, I suppose. I'm not particularly trying to make money off of it, but I do accept tips and will probably do something nice for you (like a cameo) if you give me one.
  8. Answer the polls and such! I enjoy watching answers show up, and getting surprised at the collective opinion.
  9. Send us other creative or fun stuff!

And if you don't do any of that ... please keep reading Sythyry anyways. That's what it's for. And as long as enough people are reading, and I know it, I'll keep writing.


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