Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sharing ... [Chirreb 8, 4260]

I wasn't quite sure how much I could afford to spend on rent, this morning. I've never shopped for myself... As soon as I told Bandazure that she wasn't going to be my servant this year, she trotted off for home. Misses her husband and co-mari and children, I suppose.

So ... a one-person apartment costs about a hundred lozens a month at the cheapest, and the cheapest one isn't really set up for someone my size -- I had trouble opening the door; I'd have to fly in through the window, which isn't very dignified, is it? I could share a two-person apartment for eighty-five, but I've got my choice between a Rassimel studying brewing and filling the common room with stinking vats, or an Orren who enjoys parties a lot.

So I'm going to share a room, half of a two-bedroom apartment on Teapot Street. Cheap enough -- fifty-five lozens a month. My roommate is a rather ugly green-shelled Herethroy co-lover named Dustweed, studying Aquador and Herbador. Minor nobility of some kind or other, and dreadfully quiet. At least it's dreadful when I'm trying to get to know zir a little bit over cheap salads and porridge in the buttery. I daresay it won't be so dreadful when I'm trying to sleep.

We'll track two more roommates down tomorrow, I'm sure.

And this journal-book is decidedly odd. If you open it from the back end, you can read other peoples' diaries ... a Rassimel (?) woman (?) named Prudence who used to study sex, then went celibate for some reason, and now has a Cani (??) woman for a lover. I'm sure I'm missing something important, which will doubtless become clear when I've had time to study it
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