Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Very Polite Note [2 Lage 4261]

The note is very polite and very straightforward. It is pretty much the most perplexing thing I have ever read in my life.

Dear Sythyry,
We were delighted to make your acquaintance last 26th Thory 4261 and have some time, albeit interrupted, to chat and make a more detailed acquaintance. Please forgive us for the behavior of Ysgwyd -- she is not a bad girl, though she has fallen among the worst company and absolutely refuses to make matters any better by any action or inaction on her part whatsoever despite repeated entreaties and frequent and entirely reasonable requests.
Most extremely sincerely,
Thaura and Hispis

I suppose it's reasonable for them to apologize to me for their daughter's behavior. Or is she an ex-daughter? Legally she might be, but as far as I know biologically that's preposterous. I don't even know if she's their daughter -- most likely there was an Orren man involved somewhere.

Orren men are the best part of some evenings!

Personal enthusiasm aside, I don't know exactly how sex-changing spells work with reproduction. I have the impression that the simplest ones are likely to produce birth defects ... which I suppose might account for some of Ysgwyd's behavior?

Or perhaps she's just traff on her own, without any particular deeper cause or excuse?

Like, well, me?

Sometimes I wish it were possible to erase things I write in this journal.

Anyways, I know what to do about that. Or, maybe, I don't know what to do about that, but I know what I'm doing with that, and with whom, and, I am pretty sure, when the next time shall be. (Tonight, but a bit on the late side 'cause Ilottat has to finish writing a brief essay on comparative revenge first.)

What do I do about, with, for, or even against Ilottat's in-laws?

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