Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Lage! [1 Lage 4261]

[OOC: sorry it's been so long. More detailed RL-whining available upon request. -bb]

It's finally Lage!

Today is traditionally the hottest predictable day of the year. For all monsters ... well, for all off-world monsters (it occurs to me that I don't know if any of you are on-world monsters!) ... the month called Oix or Surprise is sometimes hotter, but that's different of course. Also sometimes Hressh-Huu is eccentric and has 1 Lage be cool somewhere, or some other day in Lage or Thory be hotter. It's never happened in my lifetime.

So of course I apprehended Ilottat at the end of Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid. (My brief vacation from Enchantment is over... I must consider carefully if I really want to join a profession that requires me to arise before dawn every day of forever.)

Me:"Ilottat! It is the hottest predictable day of the year!"

Ilottat:"It's certainly quite chaud, hot. But what do you mean by predictable?"

Me:"It's midsummer's day. It's always the hottest day of the summer." I explained to him, and to Anoof and Narngi.

They blinked at each other. "Sythyry? Are you quite sure about that?" they asked, as if in one voice.

Me:"Why, of course I am!"

All three of them:"We were previously unaware of hic, this phenomenon."

Me:"Ah, but everybody knows about the first of Lage!"

All three of them:"Evidently we are not rhywun, anybody, then."

Me:"Is it not hot today?"

All three of them:"It is très, quite hot today. Stop gloating about it, you fireproof lizard."

Me:"My point is proven!"

All three of them:"Let us ask someone who knows llawer, a great deal, of natural philosophy, such as Iska, who is approaching."

Why did it have to be Iska? Ah, well, it proceeded tolerably.

The question was duly put to Iska.

Iska:"I don't think me that Hressh-Huu pays so much attention of the calendar, does she?"

Me:"She certainly knows about Surprise! That's a matter of the calendar."

Iska:"But Surprise has its start when Reluu gives the sun a kicking at midnight."

Me:"It does?" This could be true, I suppose, but I had not heard of it.

Iska:"Oh, yes, it is very the true. In 2273 Reluu was annoyed at Flokin and kicked the sun on the 17th of Hispis. It was a very terrible Surprise that year, and many people died from famines from many crops that got their dying from the coldness of Oix."

Me:"Ah, of course! The famous Surprising Surprise of 2273! I did not know about the kicking of the sun."

All three of them:"Oh, it's the first of Lage, isn't it?"

Me and Iska:"Yes! Very yes!"

There was much complaining. For, on the first of Lage, it is traditional for theology students to twit their masters by invented silliness, the more plausible the better. Of course, Iska and I aren't theology students, and all three of them aren't our masters, but such details are insignificant in the face of the gods. Which, since it was a clear hot day, we pretty much were -- five of the seven creator gods can be seen from the courtyard.

In any case, midsummer's day is usually the hottest day outside of Surprise, so I might even have been telling the truth. I don't know about anygod kicking the sun though.

Me:"Ilottat? Theology, real or false, aside, is it not a hot day?"

Ilottat:"Credo, I believe, that we have already agreed on this point."

Me:"And do we not have more than two hours before our next classes, either of us?"

Ilottat:"If I did not know this to be a fact which you are gobeithio, hopefully, well aware, I would suspect you of some further midsummer's day joke."

Me:"No such thing! Instead of a joke, would you like to go swimming in the Kalspiren Pond with me?"


Me:"I beg your pardon?"


Me:"Yes! -- the very sport!"

Ilottat:"With you?"

Me:"Yes! -- the very companion!"


Me:"Yes! -- the very condition!"

Ilottat:". . . "

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