Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Visiting Thery [27 Thory 4261]

Ordinarily a pregnant mammal looks more or less full. Not fat, exactly, but rather as if they had somehow gulped down the Silver Moon in a single slurp and it was taking up their entire belly and shining away despite the absence of light in there.

Thery doesn't look full. Thery looks bloated, even distended. She shouldn't be this big this early, especially when the unborn is so unnaturally small inside her.

She didn't give much of a medical report, though. I gather she has been thinking about little else, and getting her miseries from that. So I told her about my party with Ilottat's wife's parents, and thereby encouraged her to laugh.

(Yarwain, by the way, was having dinner with Iska at the time at Sloop in Soup, and taking quite a long time at it. I continue to wonder at the precise nature of his entanglements or unentanglements with her. Thery is not worried though.)

I also tried to get her opinion on whether I'm transaffectionate or not, since it has been worrying me a good deal lately. She refused to give a definitive answer, for a variety of reasons, which include:

  1. She has other quandaries to preoccupy her mind just now;
  2. I can't be well and truly traff without competing with Tethezai, and "we can't have that, can we?"
  3. If I were not traff, what about my affair with Esory? (I did not, of course, know that I was having an affair with Esory. Perhaps I am more unobservant than I ought to be.)
  4. If I were traff, then she (Thery) would have to keep me away from her baby, who will be, after all, a different species from me. Since keeping me away from the baby is out of the question, I must not be traff.
  5. If I were not traff, I would be too hard to blackmail when I am old and powerful, which would be unfair, so I must be traff.

And quite some number of others. I was thoroughly dizzy by the time I left (and she was looking much happier, though still distended), and so I accidentally more or less few into Esory.

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