Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Am I? Are you? [27 Thory 4261]

Me:"Dustweed? Could I ask you an awful question?"

Dustweed:"Surely! If you don't mind me curling up and weeping for a while."

Me:"Are you transaffectionate?"

Dustweed:"No, but my Rassimel lover is."

Me:"Um ... did you just say, 'No, but yes?'"

Dustweed:"No, I just said, 'I'd really prefer a pair of Herethroy, preferably a man and a woman, but people like me don't really get a lot of choices, and I'm lucky to get someone who appreciates my horrid genitalia and who has managed to fall in love with me, even if she won't be anything even remotely resembling faithful or make me any long-term promises or anything useful.' If you want me to cry, Sythyry, you're going to have to be a lot more awful than that. Why, even my sister and current heir has been crueler to me than that."

Me:"I'm really not trying to make you miserable, Dustweed. It's just that, well, you're the most like me, in my current situation, and ..."I sort of trailed off.

Dustweed:[laughing a bit]"If I'm the most like you, then offirrah is the most like perfume."

Me:"Well, offirrah is rather like codelieth." (For all monsters: codelieth is a perfume favored by Cani, which has a spicy carrion smell.)

Dustweed:"There is that."

Me:"And, well, you and I each have a lover of a different species. But we're not like Te.. well, some people, Rhedwy say, who sort of gobble down other-species lovers for their own sake."

Dustweed:"I might know someone else like that, a bit less Sleethy than Rhedwy."

Me:"So what I'm really asking is, am I transaffectionate?"

Dustweed:"Well, what do you think of Zi Ri?"

I complained about the lack of suitable Zi Ri for a bit. We discussed possible research methods. I then realized or admitted or discovered or something that I did find Ilottat's Zi Ri pornography tolerably moving, even when there weren't any Orren in the picture.

Dustweed:"So maybe you're not?"

Me:"But I do seem to like Orren!"

Dustweed:"So maybe you are?"

Me:"But I like Zi Ri! I think! And I don't much care for Rassimel even!"

Dustweed:"So maybe you're not?"

Me:"But I keep falling in love with Orren!"

Dustweed:"So maybe you are?"

I sort of glared helplessly at zir, because zie was laughing a lot at me.

Dustweed:"Well, how about you are officially transaffectionate as long as you've got an Orren lover and no Zi Ri ones?"

Me:"Are you allowed to change whether you're transaffectionate or not?"

Dustweed:"No, of course not."

Me:"Then I'm going to be transaffectionate no matter what?"

Dustweed:[smirking considerably]"Oh, no. If you were going to do everything properly, you wouldn't be transaffectionate at all."

I remain unenlightened.

Am I transaffectionate?


Is Dustweed transaffectionate?


Are you transaffectionate?

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