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Doom for Dinner

Spirshash, as I well knew, is lightly married to two other Orren students. Spirshash, as I could plainly see, was playing one head of a three-headed water costume. Evidently I cannot put one and two together, or not so quickly as to realize that I should not give Spirshash his thorough kissing in front of his husband and his wife.

So three Orren and one thoroughly doomed Zi Ri took dinner together tonight.

Husband: Oostmarine. A third-year student, minor nobility (I think administrative rather than land-owning) from somewhere in Vheshrame, very tall, water magic and history of outer Mrasteia and design of emblems. He has never met a Zi Ri before. He did not seem to know that Spirshash had been chasing me last month. He picked Spirshash up and tossed him in the canal, right after the kiss. At dinner he jabbed Spirshash with every third phrase, referring to me as "your [Spirshash's] surprise", and was punctiliously polite and correct in his manners towards me, doing just precisely the very least that could be done without insult.

Wife: Tillissa. A fourth-year student. Major nobility, I think a non-inheriting child of a count in one of Vheshrame's client states, which probably means she'll end up as minor nobility or a major official in her own right. She has not yet settled on a topic of study, and probably won't, and it will probably serve her just as well not to -- she'll know a little about everything, enough to be in charge of whatever she ends up in charge of, but not so much that she'll think she's an expert and get in the way of the actual experts. She knew everything; she is in my Flirtatious Dance class and has seen me and Spirshash before; she is his confidante; she had read my letter to Spirshash, and she calmed him down and, um, reassured him of his attractiveness, after he got it. She was reasonably pleasant to me.

It was a terribly nervous and aggressive meal. I can't remember what we ate. Fish, I guess.

I haven't decided yet. I am thinking that I might as well sleep with Spirshash. I'm getting a full measure of the trouble; I might as well get laid for it.
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