Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Casa Belweldie, part 7, or, rather, Across Saga, part 2 [26 Thory 4261]

I wasn't the only person wearing Cloak of Another God in Across Saga. One of the Orren women is, by birth, a Rassimel man who can only find satisfaction when he is an Orren woman. He is cisaffectionate, though -- I suppose you might call it. He prefers Rassimel women. Hence his frequenting of Across Saga. He/she spent quite some time trying to cajole one such into a trip to one of the back rooms with him/her. From what I overheard, the Rassimel woman in question does prefer Orren, but the Cloak-wearer is still a bit too much like a Rassimel in personality to perfectly appeal to her.

From what I overheard, he/she is her commonplace backup lover when no Orren who like Rassimel suitably are on the inner side of Across Saga that evening.

I was eavesdropping quite a bit, yes. My own table was in the social half of the cafe. I must backtrack, for those of you who have not been to Across Saga. There is a discreet line of lanterns more or less bisecting the cafe. On the outer side, towards the main door, the custom is that the cafe is a cafe, to which people come with their friends for eating and drinking and socializing.

On the inner side, the custom is that the usual rules about asking for sexual favors are suspended. There, an offer that would be quite shocking in any decent place seems to be a matter of simple conversation, with acceptance or rejection a very small thing.

For those who accept but do not want to go far away, there is a door to some back room or rooms, where, presumably, they would pay some extra fee and be granted convenient surrounding and privacy.

"First time Delframber and I did a threesome, it was back there, with her," said Ysgwyd, and pointed out a distinctly tarted-up and slightly withered Cani woman. "I'm not much into mammals, but Delframber had been teasing me just a bit and I called his bluff."

"I generally .. prefer ... deeper romance ... and am not nearly as ... intimately adventurous ... as some people present," said Delframber. "I do not ... tease my true love ... quite so much ... any-the-more!"

The two of them gazed affectionately at each other. It is very disturbing when something with five eyestalks gazes affectionately, especially when from no more than three feet off.

The four of us stayed there for, oh, nearly an hour, having some brandy and various snacks. Ilottat wasn't very comfortable. I wasn't very comfortable. Ysgwyd was wholly in her element, which included making us uncomfortable. I don't know how to read Khtsoyis facial expressions, thank all the gods.

Ilottat and I managed to excuse ourselves. "You two lovebirds go have yourselves a wonderful evening!" said Ysgwyd. She gave me a huge and slippery kiss. "That's for you to give to my husband. It's bad manners to kiss same-species in here."

The Cani woman who had been involved with Ysgwyd and Delframber has quite a sad story. She had been married to eight Cani for most of a decade, in Ulmarn, and has three puppies. But her tastes were too extreme, and too important for her. She divorced the rest of her family -- which is a big thing for anyone, but a huge thing beyond my imagining for a Cani. She moved to Vheshrame, far enough so that the Cani community here doesn't quite hate her. She doesn't even get to see her puppies much. She spends most evenings in Across Saga. She has never been known to refuse any offer for sexual contact. She is usually deep in her tears in a corner by the end of the evening, though.

After hearing that (from a rather gloaty Ysgwyd), Ilottat looked to me with lowered ears and very lowered voice. "That is what it means to be truly transaffectionate. I want no part of it." And he was holding my mid-hand tight as he said it, and meshed fingers with me afterwards.

Very, very confusing.

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