Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

(In which Bard struggles back towards consciousness)

Casa Belweldie, part 5 [26 Thory 4261]

Ysgwyd:"Hey, Ilottat, you and your chippie wanna go out for a drink with Delframber 'n me before we head off for the night?"

Ilottat:"I'm sure we would be opgetogen, delighted."

Delframber:"The delight ... is entirely mine ... or at least ... a sufficient quantity of it ... is mine ... to entirely fill me."

Ysgwyd:[twining three tentacles around herself]"C'mon, traff shoggie, you don't need to talk all fancy. I don't think my mothers are coming out."

Ilottat:"If, indeed, they remain cosciente, conscious, instead of having fainted themselves or each other."

Delframber:"I enjoy ... and even relish ... the opportunity to ... speak as other primes. It is ... less than wholly polite ... in my ancestral home."

Ysgwyd:"What's this 'ancestral home' stuff, Frambie?"

Delframber:"A very generous ... description of ... the apartment ... we have lived in ... these last eight years."

Ysgwyd and Ilottat laughed. I did too, after a minute.

Ilottat:"You had mentioned a boisson, a drink? I fear that I could indeed wish to use one. It has been a frightful few minutes."

Ysgwyd:"Let's go to Across Saga, then."

Ilottat:"I should rather not."

Ysgwyd:"Well, your other choices are dockside bars, or places that an Orren with elegant clothes and aristocratic manners would not be welcome. To say nothing of a Zi Ri!"

Ilottat:"Ah, diorthoste, correct. Though, Sythyry? Do you mind changing to, well, another shape?"

It turned out that I didn't mind not looking like me, if I was going to go out carousing with a Khtsoyis.

Ysgwyd:"Not an Orren though! You and Ilottat would be laughed out of Across Saga."

Me:"What is Across Saga?"

Ysgwyd:"Traff dive."

Ilottat:"A place where those unfortunate enough be interested, well..."

Delframber:"A cafe where such as us can be comfortable."

Ilottat:"I am not transaffectionate, as a rule!"

Ysgwyd:"Sythyry, I gotta tell you about the best time that Ilottat and I made love."

Ilottat:"There is no angen, no need, for you to tell such stories."

Ysgwyd:"Lying side by side on this bed, with him looking over my shoulder at Zi Ri porn, and me looking over his shoulder at Khtsoyis porn."

I must consult Flooosh for proper etiquette after such revelations. Or, perhaps monsters are more aware of these manners. My own mother's lessons seem to have generally left it out.

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