Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Casa Belweldie, part 4 [26 Thory 4261]

Ysgwyd:"Anyway, you dragged me back here from Daukrhame for dinner and asskissing, so let's get on with it, O my mother and stepmother."

Me:"... kissing? ..."

Ysgwyd:"Yeah. Mother, what were your instructions, again? Make Hezimikkinen's sibling feel welcome and part of the family, since you're a high-class and very influential contact indeed? Oh, and we're not supposed to mention that we're traff. But we are supposed to futter zir if zie asks. We're not high-class whores, though, just whores who want to be in the upper class."

I am fairly sure that every strand of fur on each of her mothers tied itself in four separate and impossible knots when Ysgwyd said that. I rather wished that my scales could tie themselves in knots, for that matter.

Everyone else started talking:

Ilottat:"Ah, Hispis, you have schliesslich, finally, discovered that I am not my father's first son?" Delframber:"O Zi Ri, I must ... apologize for ... Ysgwyd's parents. I do ... not know them very well ... but ... they raised a ... very wonderful daughter ... so I must presume ... they are not so dreadful."

Hispis:"That is not what I said and you know it. I do want you to be pleasant to the honored Zi Ri, as to any guest. Nothing more!"

Thaura:"Sythyry, I must apologize for my daughter's behavior. What she is saying is entirely without basis in fact, and due exactly to a bickerish fight we have been having for some years now, from which she wishes to ruin our reputation."

I hardly knew what to say. Fortunately, Ilottat knew what to say for me. He scooped me up and put me on his shoulder and told Thaura, "I'm sure that's entirely quite all right." While Thaura and I were trying to figure out what Ilottat meant, he turned and walked out the parlor door, bringing me and Ysgwyd. Ysgwyd grabbed Delframber by a tentacle and dragged him along as well.

Me:"This is proving a memorable evening."

Delframber:"I treasure ... to my core ... even the more awkwards ... memories of such times."

I realized that I had just, more or less voluntarily, made an alliance with a Khtsoyis against my banker. And, worse, against my mother's banker.

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