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Doom! [8 Oix 4260]

Orren have quick minds: quick to think, and quick to forget. Spirshash invited me to the Grand Parade of Hot Surprise. I was intrigued: how could anyprime hold a parade in hot Surprise? I thought of the duke and the court marching nude around Dortholio Square, while the weather-wizards made the clouds drizzle upon them.

No such thing, of course! The Grand Parade of Hot Surprise is entirely Orren, entirely in the water. Some of them wear curious little costumes: Spirshash himself was paddling around as one head of a most eccentric three-headed fish of gaudy leather. Some of them draw streamers behind them in the water. Many just swim -- having intended to make a costume or float, I daresay, but not having been quite organized enough.

I was perhaps the only spectator who watched the parade with zir own plain eyes, flying around in enough heat to make my feathers curl. Most other people saw it from the windows of the houses on the banks of the canals, or through scrying-spells, or didn’t.

It was great fun, be assured.

Afterwards I kissed Spirshash. I didn’t even let him kiss me -- I kissed him.

There is no bowl large enough to hold the measure of doom I have poured for myself.
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