Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Casa Belweldie, part 3 [26 Thory 4261]

A Khtsoyis is a hideous three-foot ballish bag of mottled purple leather, floating in mid-air by a disgusting parody of Zi Ri levitation. It has seven thick tentacles under it, and five eyestalks. There's one ugly mouth on the side of the bag, used for talking, and another one underneath with jagged teeth and, inside, organs of consumption, excretion, and reproduction.

They are not acceptable in polite society.

This one was wearing a short brown furry wig, and a gleaming gold cravat under his talking mouth, and a few goldy ribbons.

Hispis:"Delframber! Leave our home at once!"

Ysgwyd:"You had singled this evening out as an occasion for showing off your traff children and their traff lovers. If Ilottat can bring his, I can certainly bring mine. If not ... you can hardly disinherit me twice, can you?"

Hispis sat down angrily and glared at the Khtsoyis. Ysgwyd turned to me.

Ysgwyd:"Sythyry, I'd like you to meet my former fiancé and current adulterous consort, Delframber Laggums. Delframber, my husband's adulterous lover, Sythyry. I presume zie's got a longer name hidden somewhere, but I don't know it."

Khtsoyis do not have very big lungs. They have to pause for breath every few words. Quite disgusting.

Delframber:"I'm very glad ... to meet ... you tonight, ... Sythyry."

I'm pretty sure I answered politely.

Ilottat curtsied to Delframber. "A Vergnügen, a pleasure, to see you again. It has been a while, hasn't it?" My love is studying Diplomacy, and once in a while it shows.

Delframber:"Hallo to you ... too, Ilottat. I'm sorry ... I missed you ... on my last ... visits to Daukrhame."

Hispis:"How can you speak to him, Ilottat? He ruined your wedding!"

Ysgwyd:"Our wedding was everything that you and the Count planned it to be. Plus one very polite guest who floated in the corner and didn't bother anyone."

Ilottat:[Walking over and taking Ysgwyd's hand]"The wedding wasn't so bad, not at all. I rather enjoyed it."

Everyone stared at them holding hands, as if husbands and wives weren't supposed to do that in the presence of their parents and lovers. In retrospect I cannot understand why that seemed odd.

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