Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Casa Belweldie, part 1 [26 Thory 4261]

I got to the Belweldie's home on time, wearing my best ribbons, each in the right place. That part of the evening worked right, at least.

Ysgwyd's parents are a reasonably pleasant Orren couple, perhaps in their 60's or 70's. [40-50 Earth years.-bb] Hispis Belweldie is a chubby short Orren woman, who could be Floooosh's cousin, or at least a frequent visitor to her bakery. She is an executive in the printing company that prints the Water Tree nonsense. She doesn't look very good in lavender, not even with very glittering lavendar cut-glass ear-crests for extra fanciness.

Thaura Belweldie is a leaner and taller Orren woman, who actually is Flooosh's third cousin or something. I actually have met Thaura before; she is the Greatest Official of Disbursements at the Bank of Teleporting Hexagons, and, a month or so ago, when my usual Official wasn't there, she gave me a substantial sum of my ~mother~'s money. She looks quite good in lavendar.

Also they have a few servants, some of whom were obviously hired for the occasion.

Casa Belweldie is a fairly nice house in a fairly nice neighborhood, two floors, several scraps of yard with some flowering fruit trees, a very dignified statue of a prior Duke skewering a blee on his scimitar in the front yard, a view of one of the nicer public ponds, and so on. I've visited a couple of mansions though -- Tethezai's family and Esory's family, for two -- and Casa Belweldie is not a mansion.

The parlor of Casa Belweldie has copies of several portraits of Vheshrame nobility of previous decades, many of them Orren. None of these are exactly Belweldie ancestors, though Thaura is somewhat related to a few famous Orren who I have never heard of.

Herethroy servants in approximately-matched striped frocks brought us tiny tarts of fruit and eel (made by Floosh, I suspect), as appetizer. Thaura and Hispis carefully avoided a variety of unpleasant questions, such as:

  1. What, precisely, is your relationship with our son-in-law?
  2. What, precisely, will become of your your relationship with our son-in-law?
  3. Where, precisely, is our son-in-law?

We discussed the duke's clothes (they are that polite) and pastries and theatre and banking and such for a while.

And then -- an hour and a half after the time on the invitation -- there was a knock at the door.

Thaura:"Oh, capital. Ilottat is sure to be here now."

She was wrong, though. It was the other guest. Whom I did not know was going to be a guest at all.

Hispis:"Sythyry, with great pleasure I introduce you to my daughter Ysgwyd."

Ysgwyd:"Oh, you're my husband's new chippie? Glad ta meecha."

I did my best to be as polite as possible. At least, I'm moderately sure I said something in response.

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