Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Notes from Midnight [25 Thory 4261]

Actually it's somewhat after midnight, and I am so tired that I'm actually too tired to be exhausted.

I did go visit Ilottat tonight. He was in rather a whole bouquet of assorted unhappiness about our relationship being discovered, and being discovered to the extent that the Belweldies found out about it.

Fortunately it is not my fault.

Not that it couldn't have been my fault, as I admitted, for I have been less than perfectly careful. I am not the Grand Zi Ri of Espionage, Mistress of Disguises, after all. I have tripped up and let slip more than I should have done, once or twice.

This is quite fortunate. If I had not, I might have dismissed Ilottat tonight.

The specific instance is Ilottat's fault, though.

His room has three windows. They do have heavy drapes. But heavy drapes are only particularly useful if you remember to close them, which he almost always remembered.

But on the 20th, when he wasn't really expecting me, he neglected to draw the curtains.

Apparently we provided quite a show of crying and copulation for a squad of silently cheering Orren and Cani, on the balconies of the apartment building across the street. This included most of the junior staff of the embassy.

He was distressed when he learned of it, from the junior staff of the embassy, a couple days ago.

I was less than wholly pleased myself. Indeed, I spoke quite sharply to him for almost six sentences.

Fortunately, he is quite cute when he cries, and he was obviously even more distressed about it than I was, so I forgave him. In the traditional way, of course. And we made sure to draw the curtains first.

Me:"Have you gotten any trouble, since you've been seen in a transaffectionate involvement?"

Ilottat:"I'm really not transaffectionate."

Me:"I know, sweetie. But have people harmed you at all?"

Ilottat:"A bit of teasing now and then."

And we discussed the invitation for tomorrow, and made lots of plans about it, none of which make any sense.

And I snuck back home -- it didn't feel right to just fly out his window, and maybe get cheered at by the neighbors -- and noticed how late it was, and so I am going to go curl up in a fire and ... um ... sleep late tomorrow morning, since I can.

Has this ever happened to you?

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