Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Quelldrie House at Breakfast [25 Thory 4261]

I had the very unusual experience of eating breakfast with my roommates. This has not happened in quite some while, and, after the end of the month, will not happen again in quite some while unless I want to get more scolded by various friends.

It's an odd sort of breakfast, and a very slow one. This is one of Jarmiet's days to cook for us. But on the while we don't eat breakfast together.

First up is me, on most days. Today I couldn't sleep very well for fretting about Ilottat, so I got up at my usual time. Ordinarily I'd just devour a biscuit or a herring or something, and some kathia made the night before, and fly off to do enchantments. Today I sat on the stove and, um, read one of Narngi's cookbooks for a while, until Jarmiet showed up and needed the stove, and served me fried mushrooms and fried toast.

Then suddenly the room was full of Cani. Havune and Broon had stayed over with Anoof and Narngi, and, by the time they got to the Chamber of Endless Devouring they were all wide awake and there was a great deal of tail-wagging. Everyone was teasing Havune about using up all his attention with Anoof and Broon, and falling asleep on Narngi. (Even Jarmiet, so I suppose she could smell who had done what with whom.) Jarmiet fed them a vast quantity of guntry sausages and fried mushrooms and fried toast and kathia.

Anoof promised me that he'd get ahold of Ilottat today, one way or another. I haven't seen him in three days now!

Havune told me about three more Cani that they are considering getting engaged to. I don't know any of them. I don't remember their names. Anoof would not believe me, but I don't remember their names. Everyone teased Anoof about the depths that he investigated the boy, and how unconcerned he was about the two girls. Anoof pointed out that he was simply not wasting money on contraceptives. Narngi and Anoof snapped at him a bit -- evidently they were a bit careless a few months ago and needed to have it dealt with. Which I found a bit disturbing, considering what trouble Thery is having staying pregnant.

Then the Cani all left, each several pounds larger than when they arrived, and Dustweed and Tethezai showed up. Dustweed's bathrobe looks quite foolish on Tethezai, since Tethezai is too short and too two-armed for it. (She's been wearing that bathrobe every morning I see them both since they became lovers, or at least after various of us complained about her flaunting herself at everyone. She should get used to sleeping with Dustweed regularly and leave a proper robe here!) Jarmiet provided them with fried mushrooms and fried toast and kathia and stewed apples. Agrimony stuck his head in and asked Jarmiet to make him some porridge, then retreated. Tethezai tormented Dustweed with a leftover guntry sausage, and what she would do with it. I found such tormenting precisely 3/37ths easier to endure than when I was loverless.

Next Agrimony came to get his porridge, with fried mushrooms and fried toast and stewed apples. By "next" I mean that he had been waiting in the parlor for Tethezai and Dustweed to finish. He explained at some length:

  1. He doesn't mind Dustweed being a both-female. (He did insist on calling zir 'her', which is the ordinary word for both-females and which Dustweed doesn't like and doesn't use.)
  2. He finds Dustweed's transaffection to be a bit upsetting. "Mammals and non-mammals should just plain not mix." Evidently he is not one of Floooosh's mythical Sythyry-watchers.
  3. When I disagreed a bit by pointing out that Dustweed is nobility, we got into a side bicker about whether Dustweed is real nobility or not (she is a both-female after all), and whether Tethezai is close enough to real nobility to qualify.

    Agrimony:"She's the third child and distinctly non-heir of a landless Baron. She might as well not have a title."

    Me:"What if she were a later child and distinctly non-heir of a Count?"

    Agrimony:"Better, I suppose, but if she's going to be a commoner she shouldn't go sleething around with non-mammals"

    I was distinctly at a loss for words here, so I didn't say much more, and let him continue with:
  4. He asserted that, while transaffection is entirely reasonably as a recreational matter now and again for people of sufficient rank -- though he would never kiss a Rassimel! -- it is not something that should be flaunted and rubbed in peoples' antennae. Jarmiet agreed, and discussed a quite shameful entanglement of one of her former friends and an Orren. At this point I was feeling quite flattened and mostly let Agrimony talk.
  5. And the fact that Dustweed is both-female means that she (not zie, but she) should be very meek and unassuming and leave the sexuality for more proper people.

Then Agrimony trotted off to class, and Ghirbis Vlaan arrived in a peal of song.

Ghirbis:"What is this I see before me on the stove, zir tail wrapped so tightly about zir snoutish muzzle or zir muzzlish snout? Could it be a monstrous toadstool?" ("Monstrous" and "toadstool" both rhyme with "Sythyry" on her lips.")

She is, by this point, accompanying herself with a small portable xylophone. I explained about muffing the week's enchantment, and Jarmiet served her porridge with chopped pren-raisins, stewed apples, fried toast, and fried mushrooms. I morosed at Ghirbis for a bit, and she persuaded me to eat some brandied porridge, which was tasty and a bit dizzying. She's not a very comforting person, but she's a very distracting person, so I am not nearly as morose any-the-more.

But I am going to sit on the stove and read or write things until I'm sure I can fly straight.

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