Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

L'Après-Floooooosh [24 Thory 4261]

Me:"Anoof? I'm going to get another Orren lover."

Anoof:"The one I provide is not satisfactory? My sincere and hyacinth-scented apologies! What is wrong with him, though, in case I am somehow considering offering him to another Zi Ri?"

Me:"He takes too much cley."

Anoof:"I was not aware that he was powered by magic!"

Me:"But I don't want to dump him. I want another lover as well."

Anoof:"For the occasional Ilottatless evening? Ah, how quickly you become used to carnal pleasures!"

Me:"You and Narngi are not adverse to them either!"

Anoof:"Few people are. I had not expected you to be so enthusiastic as to require a second consort after barely more than a week of one!"

Me:"It's not that exactly... Floosh talked me into it."

Anoof:"Floosh is your second lover?"

Me:"No, Floosh is my romantic advisor."

Anoof:"In which you join a quarter of the Academy students!"

Me:"She thinks I should get a second lover to be a public one."

Anoof:"Ah, you find lovemaking with Ilottat too private, you wish to show off your skills and beauties, in the classic Sleeth style?"

Me:"Not that kind of public!"

Anoof:"Just for Ilottat then, in the classic Cani style? I can hardly find fault with that!"

Me:"No! Someone I can be seen with in public! Dining and theatring and such!"

Anoof:"Well, why not Strenata? You and she seem to enjoy each other's company a great deal."

Me:"Floooosh says I'm obviously in love, and I'm obviously not in love with her, so I need to be with someone else I'm obviously in love with."

Anoof:"But not someone you will copulate with?"

Me:"Why not?"

Anoof:"Ah, another full lover, then. How will you tell Ilottat this?"

Me:"I think you will tell Ilottat this! You are the go-between, after all. Or at least hint at it."

Anoof:"I can do so... I may not be as persuasive as possible. This is a difficult topic in any case."

Me:"This is why I trust a Cani to do it, better than I trust myself!"

Anoof:"You are, perhaps, not the most socially clueful of people at the moment." I am fairly sure that he didn't just say, "You are acting clueless in this particular instance."

Me:"Excellent. Thank you considerably!"

He walked off, shaking his head a bit.

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