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Flooshed [24 Thory 4261]

(OOC: Thanks for Floooosherie, beetiger!)

Me: "Flooooosh? Am I in big trouble with you now?"

Floosh: [Floosh wanders in, blinking. I think she does not usually get up this early.] "No, not at all. I am the giver of advice. You have not yet asked for it, so you have not yet ignored it. So hoe could I be upset? Though I have missed your visiting me while you are all busy with your new Orren friend." She pointed at the open oven. "Have a seat" So I did.

Me: "Um ... how much do you know about that?"

Floosh: "Well...Sythyry watchers around here certainly know you've been awfully chipper in the classic "I'm getting laid"kind of way, if you don't mind me being crude. And well, you like Orren. And well, rumor has it that one of your classmates blew you off in public, and you were not as huffy about it as you might have been if it were not a matter of personal import to be recognized."

Me: "Oh, dear. He's, well, very private about it. Afraid of scandal."

Floosh: "And what's your opinion on that? Being treated as a shameful thing, not as the wonderful feathery loveable person that you are?"

Me: "Well ... it is a bit shameful, isn't it? "

Floosh: "I guess. But you guys are nobles, and students, and all. You can get away with being libertine, I think. In any case, it's not like there are any Zi Ri available for you to date right now."

Me: "No ... but ... he'll get in trouble if it gets too public. He's married." I explained the situation.

Floosh: "You know what you should do? Get another Orren lover."

Me: "Wah! I've been trying! ... I mean, Wah! I love him!"

Floosh: "I'm serious! Orren marry in groups, so already having someone won't be a problem for the right person...and it's obvious you are sleeping with some Orren, so having a public one will keep him more covered."

Me: "Oh, you mean, keep this one and get a new one too?"

Me: "I think I should go back to Wah! I've been trying!"

Floosh: [Pushed me with a paddle to check on an oven full of spice rolls.] "And you do not love him! You have only known him a week or two, really. You might love him sometime, but not yet."

Me: "He makes me feel all intimate!"

Floosh: "I'll bet. ... And that's a really wonderful feeling. don't deserve to be skulking around."

Me: "Well, what should I do? Borrow Esory's ridiculous chariot?"

Floosh: "OK, those are done, I guess." [She took the rolls out of the oven]

Floosh: "Um, no. Hanging out in class together and at least acknoledging a frindship in public would be plenty. And if he can't...find someone who will. Besides for now, and instead when he finally gets caught, or gets so worried about getting caught that he breaks it off. No question his family already knows he's dating someone. Don't you think they are trying to look into who she is? Or will be soon?"

Me: "Um ... I ... hope they don't know."

Floosh: "Not yet. But don't you suppose that the staff where he lives is probably supposed to keep a bit of an eye on him?"

Me: "Well ... er ... they are diplomats. And spies..."

She just gave me a look. A fearsome, devastating look.

Me: "Um ... yes..."

Me: "that's why I'm going there in disguise!"

Floosh: "Yes. So they know he's dating an Orren student. Who on extra checking will turn out to not otherwise exist."

Me: "Um ... maybe she's not a student? "

Floosh: "The non-student population in Vreshhame is more well documented than the student population. Not a major traffic center outside the University, really."

Me: "Oh. Oh, dear."

Me: "If he gets called back to Daukrhame I'll ... I don't know what."

Floosh: "I probably know almost everyOrren, at least by sight."

Floosh: "Or at least the ones who like baked goods, anyway."

She finished taking the spice rolls out, and put many poptaloops in.

Me: "What should I do? I might have gotten him all doomed up already."

Floosh: "Depends. If they really don't want to know (i.e. they just want to avoid scandal), they'll ignore it if it hasn't become too obvious, which maybe it hasn't yet. If they really want to catch him, though, it could already be a problem."

Me: "I ... think they want to avoid scandal."

Floosh: "So far, I've mostly heard stuff from people who follow you...not people who follow him. SO if you start doing something more interesting soon, it might not be as big a deal. But I'll tell you, secret lovers are very interesting things to gossipful people!"

Me: "If I get a spare Orren lover, what'll he think?"

Floosh: "He the lover? Or he Illotat? "

Me: "He Ilottat."

Floosh: "Well, if he's smart, he'll realize you are covering his tail. Especially since you will tell him. Also, you will tell your new lover this as well (ie that you have another partner who needs to be very discreet). If he thinks ill of you either for wanting public acknowledgement that you are good dating material, or that you are trying to help him have his icing covering and eat it too, well...his judgement is poor."

Floosh: "Plus, he has a wife. So it's only fair."

Me: "I guess it is..."

Me: "But I've been trying all year!"

Me: "And that's without one boyfriend already!"

Me: "Now what do I do -- go fly around and tap Orren on the shoulder and say,"Hi! Date me! Because I'm in love with someone else!""

Floosh: "I bet if you try again, youll do better. Now you have the reputation of not being so desperate, and of apparently knowing how to please Orren." She winked.

This seemed like an excellent time to try to hide behind some poptaloops.

Me: "Only the very transaffectionate ones. He doesn't want to admit it, but I think he'd get his pants all sticky at the sight of anyone suitably scaly."

Floosh: [Inspecting the poptaloops] "That's the other thing. He may be getting very fond of you, but originally, he chose you for the scales, not for your wit or intelligence or anything that's really special about you. You're his only deal in town. (Or his only real deal anyway. He could probably convince some suitably libertine Orren girl to learn Cloak of Another God). So you are really in a position to demand better from him. A public friendship, even if the sexual part is secret. Information on when he'd like to see you so you don't have to retake Enchantment, at least."

Me: "Not that I mind being able to sleep in once in a while!"

Floosh: "Don't you want to have a lover who sees you as more than a collection of scales and exotic organs?"

Me: "They're not that exotic! Um ... well ... d'you think he doesn't?"

Floosh: "I have no idea. That's certainly why he propositioned you. You tell you talk about other things besides body-play? If you decided not to be intimate with him for a bit, do you think he'd still want to spend time with you?"

Me: "Well, we sometimes do. Classes and things. I ... I ... don't know. Or how much time I'd want to spend with him, without that. I still sort of owe him for that dinner at Darraden's though."

Floosh: [Sighing most dramatically.] "Sythyry. You are not a courtesan. You do not owe him intimacy in repayment for dinner!"

Me: "Well, it was a really really impressive dinner..."

Floosh: [Looking quite annoyed.] "Fine. Figure out how much it cost, take out the amount that the tuition for redoing Enchantment's going to cost, and then figure out your hourly rate to see how many more times you have to go over there to pay him back."

It seemed like an excellent time to determine just how far back the oven went. Unfortunately, the answer was "not very far."

Floosh: "Seriously. If you want me to do some asking around to see if I can introduce you to someone nice, outside your usual circle, you let me know."

Me: "Um ... I ... guess I ought to."

Floosh: "If nothing else, keep respecting yourself. You're not shameful."

Floosh: "And transaffection with Zi Ri's not nearly as bad as some other kinds. I mean, there aren't a lot of you, and you kind of figure you're going to try everything eventually and all..."

Me: "I'm not, but, well, I've been chasing Orren the way Ilottat's been chasing Zi Ri. Except that there are more Orren around."

Me: "I suppose so..."

Floosh: "Yeah. I mean, you don't want every Orren, just because they are Orren, right?"

Me: "Well, no."

Me: "Especially not Tillissa."

Floosh: "And you don't really want just sex, right?"

Me: "It's a good start..."

Me: "Um ... well, no."

Me: "If I did I'd have had a better time at Rhedwy's party."

Floosh: "So, like everyone else, you deserve a relationship with someone you like, who likes you, and who you chose because you like each other. As people. I mean, you need to find each other attractive, too, but not just that."

Me: "Well, I like Ilottat!"

Me: "Mostly."

Floosh: "Illotat doesn't respect you. Because he doesn't even respect himself for wanting you."

I had to think about that for a while. Which I did by chewing on the poptaloop next to me..

Me: "Floooosh, this isn't a very good poptaloop. It's all doughy."

Floosh: "That's because they aren't done yet."

Me: "Oh... I guess I'm not really done yet either, in this affair, am I?"

Floosh: [Poking me with a spatula.]"And really, I just don't want to see you getting burnt."

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