Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Free! [23 Thory 4261]

For those of you who don't do formal enchantment in the World Tree style (which is just about everyone on the World Tree, and, I suspect, exactly everyone off of the World Tree), there are a few things to be aware of when doing it.

  1. Each part of a formal enchantment takes a week (that is, nine days) of work.
  2. Each day's work begins with a ceremony that must be started at dawn exactly.
  3. Some days you are lucky and can get away with spending only a few cley on the enchantment. Other days you are unlucky and must spend quite a few. If you don't have enough (or don't feel like spending enough) the whole week's work is ruined, and, by the rhythm of things, you shouldn't generally try doing it again until the next week.
  4. I get enough cley so that, except on a very low-cley morning and a very high-cley enchantment, I won't run out of cley and waste the week.
  5. But not a lot more than that.
  6. It also takes anywhere from one to six hours of work to do it, meaning that my late-morning classes (Biology of Elementals and Formal Enchantment II) are in constant peril. Prof. Spreen, of course, is not really allowed to mind. Prof. Tardamos complains about it, but is rarely horrified.

Today was a low-cley morning for me, and, as the enchantment class wobbled along, it turned out to require a lot of cley for the day's enchantment work. Very much a lot of cley.

And of course I wanted to save four cley in case I got to visit Ilottat tonight.

So, at about four hours after noon, I decided that I would give myself a bit of a morningsome vacation for the rest of the week. Which is a bit annoying, since it's halfway through the week and I spent a fair bit of cley on this week's work already.

And was even more embarrassing as I crept out of class. Prof. Alzagond called me over and we chatted a bit about, well, methods for getting extra cley during enchantments if I happen to need a couple extras.

There are not many trades more humiliating than cley-seller. It is more honorable to be a beggar -- a street-prostitute -- an advertisement-crier in the streets. (I don't exactly know why. Prostitutes, in particular, provide something of value to their customers, though I gather that the street-prostitutes are the least valuable of the lot. Beggars and advertisement-criers don't even do that much, and cley-sellers do.)

Neither are there many things more humiliating than frequenting cley-sellers.

And it's quite perplexing to be told by a professor that, inside a third of an hour (which is all the break that can be taken in a morning's enchantment work), one can find half a dozen students and street vendors who will sell one cley for a rather modest fee.

(By "street vendors" I mean "people who sell things in the streets". People like Darkwad. They do not ordinarily sell cley as their main business, but they don't mind getting an extra lozen or two from selling it.)

In any case, I get to sleep late the rest of the week, which will be quite nice. Especially if I get another evening or two with Ilottat ... I shall have to see about persuading him to sleep over.

(Much later.) Though, evidently, saving those four cley today was not actually necessary. This has made me cross. It is getting to be vaguely difficult to plan what I will do with an evening, much less with a morning of enchantment, if I don't know whether I will be seeing Ilottat or not. I shall have to see about getting plans a day or two in advance, too.

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