Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Seeks-Leather-Skillets [22 Thory 4261]

Esory, first

Sythyry, I did not bite --

Oh, fine. Fine. What do I and a dozen monsters know about anything, anyway? He's wonderful, you're wonderful, everything's wonderful, sorry I wrote a word.

Sorry I cared at all.

I hereby grump and complain.

Well, I made the mistake of showing Esory's note to Anoof, who said that I had insulted her and ought to apologize. So I got some fairly nice incense, and attached it to a nice note, and had it sent to her.

I'm quite sorry! I am entirely respectful of your opinions, and perhaps I have been a bit careless, but I'm quite sure that no harm will come of it. As I learn more of his situation, the actual danger seems more and more illusory. His wife will not care a bit what he is doing! But thank you for your concern, and I would change that day's title except that the journal won't allow such editing.

I (Sythyry) am or should be unhappy because:

I am getting too much sex and probably getting sore or something.
I am only getting a chance to experiment with certain configurations of personal organs, and the other ones are getting jealous.
My lover likes me but not my species.
My lover is married to someone who doesn't care a bit.
My lover doesn't want to be seen in public with me.
My lover is of higher station than I am, and will remain there until his father dies.
My lover will probably lose interest in me before either of us dies.
Something else, which you will tell me.


I was sitting on the boardwalk railing outside of the library, peering at a biography of the Tyrant of Oorah Thrassen, and trying to hold one page down against the breeze and read it at the same time. And wondering if I could spare a cley to either cart the book inside again or to make my forepaw invisible, 'cause I was a bit low and I might want the cley for later tonight. And of course Strenata rode up on Shadowfrog.

Me:"Oh, good morning to you, Seeks ... um ... Leather Skillets!"

Strenata:"And to you too Sythyry!"

Me:"What was that spell you just cast? I can't see it properly!"

Strenata:"A spell against eavesdropping. Come for a ride with me?"

Me:"A brief one only. I want to finish my homework before sunout, if I can."

Strenata:"Certainly! Have a shoulder!"

Me:"Take that book, too, if you would."

Strenata:"Ilottat is your lover now?"

Me:"Yes, and I do hope you aren't going to complain that it's a transaffectionate one. I know you don't approve of that."

Strenata:"I wasn't going to, actually."

Me:"And how did you find out about it? We've been ever so discreet!"

Strenata:"Well, I'm more attentive to rumors and whatnots than some people. It's my family business, really, knowing things like that. At any rate, congratulations -- I don't know him very well myself, but he seems quite sweet."

Me:"He is!" I babbled about him a little, before realizing how awkward such babbling is to a former would-be lover. Or wouldn't-be, I suppose is more accurate.

Strenata:"And Nestrune told you about Ilottat and Ysgwyd, I believe?"

Me:"Yes ... does he know Ilottat and I are lovers?" YarwainandThery and Esory and such move in quite different social circles, but Nestrune obviously moves in the same ones.

Strenata:"He does not. He thinks you are making quite untoward demands of me every few weeks, and sulking when I do not comply. He regularly urges me to take a strong and cruel attitude towards you, or, perhaps, to match you up with Milirant."

Me:"Poor Milirant. Not so well-loved as he might hope."

Strenata:"In any case, you seem more pleased with yourself than I have seen in quite some time."

Me:"I am, in any case, more pleased with someone else than I have been in quite some time!"

And we chatted a while about it, and about this, and about that. She didn't seem to be telling me how unhappy I should be, or much of anything to watch out for, or any such thing. Though she did point out that I should be a bit more discreet, if I wanted to use words like "discreet" properly.

And afterwards I went home, and read the rest of the biography, and did some enchantment exercises, and made sure I had four cley left, and had dinner, and stared morosely at a cardless Anoof, and came back and wrote this and, shortly after I finished this sentence, went to bed.

And a third of an hour later, I got up again and was going to write about how much nicer it is going to sleep when you're not alone, but, well, I don't think I'm going to get anyone to sleep in the fireplace with me any time soon, am I?

Maybe I should get a regular sort of bed?

Maybe it'll even get some use.

Is it even safe for a Zi Ri to share a bed with a much larger person? It depends on the person and how much they roll about in their sleep, I suppose.

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