Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


Me:"I didn't realize you had a wife."

Ilottat:"Well, I don't, not in most senses of the mot, the word."

Me:"What about Ysgwyd?"

Ilottat:"What sort of a marriage is it when she's off in Daukrhame consorting with whatever of the stadwacht, the city guard, catch her fancy, and I'm here in Vheshrame studying diplomacy?"

Me:"And consorting with whatever students catch your fancy!"

Ilottat:"Well, mostly just you, and that's very recent. I still can't really believe I'm doing it."

Me:"You should believe it! It's the best part of my whole time in Vheshrame! Tell me more about her."

Ilottat:"There's not much to say. Our parents married us together rapidement, in a bit of a hurry, at a rather bad time for both of us..."

Me:"By reason of scandals?"

Ilottat:"Yes -- she had been engaged to a Khtsoyis."

Me:"And you had displayed a fondness for Zi Ri."

Ilottat:"No! Well, my father certainly thought so, but, well, you're the only one really."

Me:"So you and she got married?"

Ilottat:"Introduced on the first of the month, and married by the fourth. Oh, and my father asked my consentimento, my permission, for the marriage about a week later."

Me:"What sorts of terms are you two on?"

Ilottat:"We are not amante, not lovers, be sure of that! She could not bear to touch an Orren."

Me:"And you don't seem to want to touch me when I'm wearing an Orren shape."

Ilottat:"It's not like that at all!"

Me:"What is it like at all, then?"

Ilottat:"Like ... two Gefangene, two prisoners, who have been yoked together. We do not like each other very much, but we like the people who tied us together even less."

Me:"Excellent. I do wish you'd have told me about that before, though."

Ilottat:"Anoof should have, and I did mention it before."

I didn't believe him, and we bickered about it a bit. Finally I leafed through my diary, where I had written down various conversations ... and ... there it was, in my own handwriting.

Me:"I think I didn't understand you rightly. When you said, "I might have a relationship", I thought you might at some future time have a relationship, not that you might or might not currently have one."

Ilottat:"I could speak in Tasglarii. They've got a quite elaborate and refined system of modes and tenses which render such mistakes unmöglich, impossible."

Me:"I don't speak it, though."

Ilottat:"I don't either, not very well at all. It's one of my courses this term though."

Me:"Well, since it has gotten to be a bit personally relevant, do you have an agreement on adultery? Or on marrying further people?"

Ilottat:"Adultery is actively encouraged, since it disconcerts our parents, though of course we did not discuss, well, diestrammenos forms of it."

Me:"I don't know that word ... I can't even place that language."

Ilottat:"Well, um, perverted."

Me:"Including transaffectionate ones?"

Ilottat:"I wish you'd stop using words like that. I do seem to have tombé for you ... must you keep poking me about it and trying to make it a widespread general res, thing, for me?"

Me:"I'm sorry, Ilottat."

He huffled a bit and I spent a while comforting him. As soon as I could arrange it, the comforting was distinctly transaffectionate.

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