Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Why I Hate Everybody [22 Thory 4261]


Me:"Anooooof? Why didn't you tell me that Ilottat was married?"

Anoof:"Um ... I did tell you that."

Me:"You did?"

Anoof:"Two weeks ago!"

Me:"Um ... that's ... before anything happened. Before he invited me around."

Anoof:"Well, yes. But, still, you knew him a little then. How could you forget something like that?"

So I hate Cani.

Herethroy and Rassimel

Dustweed and Tethezai are sitting down for breakfast together, looking like the worst thing wrong with the world is that Flokin lit the sun a couple hours early, like It does every day, and they're not ready for it yet.

So I hate Herethroy and Rassimel.


Rhedwy:"Are you and mystery Orren boyfriend all bored yet? If so, I recommend extra spice of bring new person into the sex with you!" She turned around and flashed me.

So I hate Sleeth.


Prof. Vengtomerax asked me if I was OK after class. So I hate Gormoror.


Everyone always hates Khtsoyis, just because it's a good idea to. Well, everyone but Ysgwyd I guess.


Ilottat sent me another invitation for tonight.

So I hate Orren.

Zi Ri

I'm going of course.

Just seeing Anoof holding a little calling card and looking all apologetic got me all horny and excited and eager. And ready to get past the "cry cry cry" part of the evening's schedule and up to the "copulate copulate" part.

So I hate Zi Ri.

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