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Love makes the Silver Moon Glitter [21 Thory 4261]

Here are a few things that are different when you're in love. Requited love, at least:

  1. Certain parts of your body feel a good deal more practical than they did before. And I use the word "practical" in its most delectable sense.
  2. It is much, much easier to smile at lovesongs.
  3. Kathia is considerably more stimulating. Or perhaps I am just generally more stimulated.
  4. It is much, much easier to smile at an offer of brandy by a friendly Anoof.
  5. Brandy is considerably more intoxicating. Or perhaps I am just generally more intoxicated.
  6. It is much, much easier to smile at couples and Herethroy triples walking together holding hands.
  7. One may be moved to break out in spontaneous bouts of singing. However, unlike other intoxicants I have tried, love does not impede judgement, and I did not, in fact, sing.
  8. It is much, much easier to smile at Orren.
  9. Everybody else is less happy about your good fortune than you are. In some cases, they try to persuade you that you are not actually happy.
  10. It is much, much easier to smile.

And if, as in this case, one's beloved is a bit on the nervous side:

  1. One should reserve four or six cley in case one's lover wishes to see one in the evening.
  2. One does not need to explain one's lover's linguistic quirks to one's more sarcastic friends.
  3. One is not so tempted to spend a great deal of money matching one's lover exceptional date for exceptional date.

I'm sure there's more that I'm just not thinking of, on both topics ... any suggestions?

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