Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Snub [20 Thory 4261]

Dustweed and Tethezai and Esory and I stopped at the buttery for some butter and some things to put it on. Well, I assume that Tethezai was planning to take some butter home and put it on Dustweed later. Since we no longer share a room, I no longer have to think about such matters.

I persuaded Dustweed to carry my plate, since zie is generously provided with hands. I sat on her shoulder and made her look glorious and romantical ... well, that would work better if the conical romantical hat weren't still getting repaired. I am wearing the pastel rainbow fez. I still do not know if it looks ridiculous or not.

In any case, a very elegant (and possibly ridiculous) Zi Ri cannot fail to improve a rather ugly both-female's looks and prospects both.

And we sat down and devoured platefuls of squat noodles with a vaguely offensive bird-and-bean stew, with eggplants. Esory vowed to hurl more eggplants through the kitchen windows.

And of course Ilottat and two Orren whom I do not know walked in, and got their own plates of noodles. It was crowdedish time of day, and they sat two tables away from us.

I waved and grinned at him.

In a brilliant display of spontenaity and affection, he ignored me.

I excused myself briefly and flew over to join him. Specifically I landed on the table, with just his platter between us, and peered at him, and said, "Hello, Ilottat."

He blinked at me a few times, and said, "Um ... Hezimikkinen? I did not expect you in the Academy Buttery!"

This called for a brilliantly biting response. Of course I couldn't think of one. "I'm not Hezimikkinen. Hezimikkinen doesn't have feathers, for one thing. I'm Sythyry."

"Sythery," he mis-said in a very blank voice. His companions laughed.

"Sythyry. We've been in ... several classes together."

"I suppose we might have done. I hadn't really noticed."

"Of course I look like half the other students in any class here. Except for the feathers. And scales. And height. And wings. And...." I blasted his noodles with fire breath, and flew back to my table.

Sometimes I wish that my breath were more imposing than your average candle, without magical assistance.

I was far too upset to eat. Esory asked various pointed questions about why I was so upset, and insinuated this and that which I thought was true but seems not to be, and I got even more upset and told them all more or less what was going on.

At about that time, Ilottat somehow knocked a big chalice of fruit juice onto his companion's plate, and then knocked his own plate into the other companion's lap while trying to clean up.

And I couldn't help staring. Orren are so devastatingly cute when they're in Wild Rush, even ones who don't look a tenth part as good as Ilottat.

Anyways, they grouched off to clean up and everything, and I didn't see them again.

Tethezai and Dustweed and Esory were all sensible at me, and recommended that I dump him immediately and find someone who actually likes me and, perhaps, is willing to talk to me in public. "Though it is a bit of a challenge, being transaffectionate in public," said Dustweed, who is still working fairly hard at it. I ought to write down what she said to think about it more: it was all long and sensible. I probably won't though.

'cause, when I got home (some hours later, after sitting in three lectures of which I actually followed about a word and a quarter) and pried Anoof off of Leiska (well, no, they weren't copulating, but they were all cuddled up together), and was looking up sufficiently nasty words to tell Ilottat, Anoof handed me one of Ilottat's cards.

I'm very sorry for this noontime. Please forgive me ... please come to my apartment and I promise I will completely make it up to you.

Fly fly fly oops Cloak of Another God dress run run runrunrun cry scratch-the-door see-him cry get-quick-apology fall-into-arms cry get-gentle-reminder turn-back-to-Zi-Ri get-longer-apology fall-on-bed copulate copulate. forgive.

I'm not going about this very elegantly, am I?

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