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Dangerous Weather [5 Oix 4260]

Over the city the air spirits are ... thinking too hard. After noon, they gave us a traditionally-eccentric Surprise thunderstorm. It rained buckets -- by which I mean that there weren't many raindrops at all, but each one was bigger than my whole body. The lightning fell in odd floppy loops, dangerous enough so that the city wall woke up and protected us; they clung on the invisible overhead extent of the wall, sizzling and raging like so many monsters. I braved the giant rain to fly up there and look: they were crawling around like headless serpents, trying to find a way through the ancient wizards' handiwork.

Inside the city, Yarwain and Thery tried playing in the rain: wearing very short skirts, dodging raindrops. Successfully, of course. Only Havune got hit by a raindrop (walking home from his relatives' house, not playing at all), and Thery's basic healing spell was enough to cure it. Fortunately it didn't break any bones.

Anyways, Yarwain and Thery dodged raindrops for a while, 'til Havune came home hurt, and then they took care of him... and, while Thery was imitating a doctor, Yarwain dumped a bucket of water on her.

Thery took slow but definitive revenge on him for that, I am given to understand. There were a quite surprising variety of squeaks and squeals coming from Thery's room -- and a Cani roommate coming from Thery's room as well, after a bit, shaking his head and coming to commandeer half of Dustweed's bed and to refuse to say what was going on in there.
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