Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Plain White Beans [16 Thory 4261]

I won't mention Ilottat in this entry. Not even this once.

Broon, Tethezai, Dustweed, Esory, and Iska decided that I had been neglecting them. They conspired to abduct me and bring me to a new Yistreian restaurant called "Some Kind of Largesse." There, without making a point of it, they fed me pjedly.

We did order six appetizers, plums stuffed with cheese and kshiktav yllul and whatnot, and Esory snuck the pjedly into the order without any particular comment. Pjedly look like plain white beans in a little saucer, sprinkled with green bush salt and green tarragon leaves. Not so scary.

Tethezai and Dustweed got into a rhyming contest, and the waiter put the pjedly in front of Esory. She took a couple, then pushed them over to me. I was all distracted, and speared three on my claws, and ate them...

... and breathed fire without really intending to.

And the the pjedly in the bowl caught fire, little blue alcohol flames. Everyone laughed, and explained what pjedly are, and we let them burn.

And, in a minute or two, we had to abandon the table 'cause everyone's eyes were all sore and aching. That treat lasted for a couple of hours. And two waiters came and waved tablecloths around 'til the air cleared from the fumes.

Pjedly are, in fact, white beans. They are the variety of white bean commonly called "white bean". White beans are half an inch long, plump, mild-flavored, mealy, and usually a bit hard no matter how long you cook them. They are ordinarily stewed with stronger-flavored things, 'cause, well, they're a bit bland.

But pjedly are not stewed. They are pickled, more or less. In a very strong five-pepper vodka. A very strong and clear five-pepper vodka. (Not strictly five peppers -- the count arhoolie leaves as one of them -- but the five hot spices used in Yistreian cuisine.)

Pjedly are not the spiciest thing I have ever tasted. Ghirbis once tricked me into eating a whole arhoolie leaf at once, and that was worse. But they are very surprising if you are not expecting them. Also they are flammible, because of all the vodka. Also the burning vapors of five peppers are really not good for the eyes.

Esory tipped very, very well.

And, since I have four cley left and another little invitation card through Anoof, I am going to walk bipedally over to the Daukrhame embassy, and see what there is to enjoy over there. yum! (But I will not bring leftover pjedly. I suspect that a pjedly-adorned mouth is not good for kissing anywhere sensitive.)

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