Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

L'Apres-Sexe 2 [14 Thory 4261]

Thery isn't looking very good. Her fur is all ragged and somewhat falling out, and she spends most of every day in bed, lying on her side, taking various medicines and having various spells cast on her. Hopefully this will help her keep the pregnancy.

Thery:"That's a very nice hat, Sythyry. Quite becoming."

Me:"Not just becoming -- it has actually become!"

Thery:"Oh? Do tell?"

So I made them promise not to tell anyone, and then let them read the last few days' journal entries. They read, and then they stared at each other and indulged in secret couple communications. I hope I learn to do that ... I guess it doesn't come with just a bit of fornicatio.

Thery:"Well, how do you feel about that? I'd be insulted!"

Me:"About having an attractive Orren nobleman admire me from afar for months, and then decide to spend a great deal of money to pursue me? About having my first actual experience of interpersonal pleasures in such elegant surroundings? I am, naturally, insulted to the point of bleeding at the knees -- or, perhaps, consumed by ennui. Or scallions. That's it. Consumed by giant, carnivorous scallions."

Thery:"Zie's certainly giddy."

Yarwain:"Well, let zir enjoy it." They both nodded.

Thery:"Are you going to see him again?"

Me:"Tonight, after sunout!"

Thery:"Your usual assignation-spot?"

Me:"Meeting at Darraden's once hardly makes it usual. This will be his apartment."

Yarwain:"Much cheaper! And, from my voluminous experience copulating in various situations, I can say that it will be just as good."

Thery threw a pillow at him.

Yarwain:"Well, that is a slight exaggeration. I am wholly virginal. That's why Thery's so pregnant."

Thery threw an other pillow at him.

Thery:"Will you just fly over there?"

Me:"No -- he's pretty worried about being seen to be transaffectionate. I'll go there as his new Orren girlfriend."

Yarwain:"Do you plan to wear clothes this time?"

Me:"Well. On the way there, certainly. I shall be disappointed if I stay clothed the whole evening!"

Yarwain:"Well, enjoy!"

Thery:"Sythyry? Be careful."

Me:"I am always careful. I bear a talisman from my famous grandparent that can protect me against Insects of Agony Consume Your Flesh a thousand times over. Or ... I'm not supposed to talk about it much."

Thery:"I don't think he'll attack you. Just be careful, OK?"

Me:"I doubt that any worse shall happen than occasional periods of pleasant exhaustion, in the short term. In the long term, well, all my friends are mortals, and most of you aren't even trying to do anything about it, so I'm going to have to get used to you dying on me anyways."

Thery:"Sorry, sorry. Forget I said anything."

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