Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Yes! [13 Thory 4261]

It was warm and awkward. And surprisingly sticky at the end.

And that, O monsters who are reading for prurient interest, is all I have to say about the details.

He was even more nervous afterwards. He put his boots on the wrong feet at first.

"Oh, Sythyry? You do know that we mustn't tell anyone we've, well, done what we did?"

I rolled on my back. "Oh? I have always written a critical and detailed editorial about my lovers before. Posted it outside the Green Tile Classroom, if it didn't get published in the Zi Ri magazine."

His ears went absolutely flat. "Oh, no..."

"Well, it's true, what I said, but only vacuously. You're my first," I said.

He was quite incoherent with pleading of me not to tell anyone. I could barely shut him up for long enough to promise him that I wouldn't.

"Oh, thank you ever so much!" And things were tolerably pleasant again for a little while. And, yes, Darraden's does provide plenty of towels. And, no, I don't provide more details.

"Can you, oh, teleport home from here, Sythyry?"

"I'm not much of a Locador mage at all. It's not a bad flight, though."

"Upote, maepote! Please, can you, well, disguise yourself somehow? My parents would disinherit me if they knew I was, um, beteiligt with a non-Orren."

"Oh ... um ... I can, actually! Sure! I have Cloak of Another God!" Which I demonstrated, becoming an Orren girl. This time I knew how to walk properly.

This lead to the following:

quality commentary judgement
disguisedness I looked nothing at all like myself good
bipedality I was not terribly balancesome. bad
nudity I had no clothes suitable for an Orren shape. bad
experience They say that you gain magical power more quickly when you go adventuring. I am pretty sure this counted. good

"I'm a bit on the naked side, Ilottat. Except for a very romantic and very small conical hat, and some ribbons."

"Put the hat and ribbons in a bag? Say, oh, someone swiped your clothes when you were swimming? "

"That seems entirely plausible. Oh, would you like a third round before I go?"

He emphatically would not. He was exceedingly nervous when he embraced me. And, well, not entirely delighted anymore. You can tell that on a male mammal.

I didn't walk all the way home as a naked Orren woman holding a small elegant cloth bag with Darraden's seal on it. I only walked five blocks, which was plenty -- there was considerable staring. I suppose since Darraden's is in a fairly nice neighborhood ("fairly nice" in the sense of "I think there are a couple nicer ones here and there in the city") and Orren who lose their clothes there generally find some way to acquire new ones quickly. I didn't like the staring, so I slipped under the boardwalk by the stream, and spent another cley turning back to my real shape, and flew under the boardwalk for a block and a half. Anyone watching should have thought the Orren went for a swim in the stream, which is perfectly natural.

(Note to self: I should a long time before finding out how much the Oblique Room costs for an evening. I suppose I should be flattered for getting such a high price for my first night.)

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