Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A hat[10 Thory 4261]

Anoof, who is taking a course on Theoretical Fashion, has decided that I am generally underdressed.

I consider this unfair, since I spend more time in the morning getting dressed than he does, seven or eight days a week. (The ninth and occasional eighth is when he has some formal occasion to go to.) I wear ribbons tied here and there -- and they must be tied well enough not to come off when I am flying, and, somehow, delicately enough to actually look good. On ordinary days I wear six (neck, wrists, tail). On more formal occasions, I wear waistcoats, collars, cummerbunds, and this and that.

In any case, Anoof has persuaded me to get a hat.

A blue and glowing green hat. I do not fully understand why it should be blue and glowing green, but it should be. The blue should be a darker version of my feathers, which pretty much means that it has to be done by an Illusidor spell. The glowing green can be produced by yavalle dye, which is the color and luminosity of noontime sunlight shining through an emerald lens.

I have never worn a hat before. Indeed, if you have seen me, you would know that with my usual feather-styling, I had thought that either I need to do something different, or the hat would be more of a hollow-topped bonnet kind of a thing.

In fact, a variety of designs are under contemplation. The most likely one is a very romantical cone sort of a thing, with a thin veil dyed with yavalle trailing romantically off the tip. My feathers will hold it up, and keep it on my head as I fly romantically through the chimneypots and get romantically chased off by pigeons.

But other designs are possible. A truncated cone of a fez. A wide-brimmed thing in the Orren style like Strenata often wears, but without a crown, with my feathers peeking through. A coronet, almost, of cloth on a boiled leather frame.

It will improve my luck with the Orren, Anoof says. As I am currently Orrenless, and have no good prospects even, I am, somehow, making my way to the milliner's. Well, properly, I am waiting for the milliner to show me some cloth samples.

It is hard to express the depths of fear I feel at the prospect of such headgear.

I should get:

The romantic cone
The fez
The Orrenly hat
The coronet thing
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