Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sleeth Thanks [10 Thory 4261]

One rarely expects a visit from a Sleeth. In particular, one rarely expects a Sleeth to show up early in the morning, while one is sitting in the fireplace musing upon one's inconsiderateness of the night before. In more particular, one rarely expects a Sleeth to show up with a whole and mostly-dead wudgeon in her mouth, and to have her fling it in the fireplace next to one before saying "Hello".

Though, admittedly, I do not know how she would have said "Hello" with a mouthful of mostly-dead wudgeon.

Rhedwy:"Excellent -- now I find you."

Me:"Why did you come here and fling a corpse at me?"

Rhedwy:"I come here because Strenata is away for three days. Also I do not fling a corpse. The wudgeon is carefully not quite that badly wounded."

Me:"So, in what capacity am I substituting for my ex-not-quite-girlfriend?"

Rhedwy:"You are telling your cook to make the fancy complicated wudgeon recipe."

Me:"The fancy complicated wudgeon recipe?"

Rhedwy:"Yes, that one. The one that needs hands to do."

Which, after some interrogation, proved to be wudgeon stuffed with chard and garlic, and slowly roasted. Jarmiet was duly presented with the bird, which she killed with a distinct thump of a rolling pin. Rhedwy had brought the chard and garlic, wrapped up in a leather fireskin.

Jarmiet:"Is this just for you, Rhedwy? It's a pretty big bird!"

Rhedwy:"The no! It is the big bird. You and a small blue cave lizard must eat it too. Also Ghirbis must be captured and required to eat it. This is my revenge for the party of beans and noodles!"

It was duly done, in time for lunch. Actually the Cani had some too, sharing a big bowl of leek and entrail stew with us. The Sleeth ate half the wudgeon, glowering at Ghirbis constantly, and then went to sleep on the roof until class.

Ghirbis:"What was that about?"

Jarmiet:"I'm pretty sure it was a Sleethine thank-you card. "

Agrimony:"We need some more reasonable friends, I think. With Rhedwy, Dustweed, and Sythyry, we've got perhaps too much variety." He laughed.

[OOC: Sorry I'm being slow and mediocre about writing Sythyries. You probably know why. -bb]
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