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Incensed [8 Thory 4261]

With two Cani lurking around Quelldrie House -- and by "lurking" I naturally mean "paying rent and frequently cooking for the rest of us" -- it has become imperative that we be more reasonable about scents. [Bard avoids translating that into a dorfy little pun; Sythyry was just being zir usual pompous self. -bb] In my prior apartment, we usually had something cheap and pungent, like chissowary or cinnamon or maulningo or chulle-clove. One cone or scoop of those in the kitchen, and Havune could pretend that the privy and the midden were clean enough.

Cani, it is said, have no concept of "an unpleasant scent". Nonetheless, they feel quite free to complain about scents which do not meet their current aesthetic considerations. Havune was generally not terribly complainy about that -- he certainly cared about messiness more than a few whiffs of this or that.

Anoof and Narngi are not terribly complainy. They're quite kind about it. "Ghirbis? Perhaps it might be better to burn alathzoin incense on the first floor today, since that's what's been burnt in the second floor these last several hours. Or cinnamon, perhaps, if you're finding the alathzoin not to your taste; cinnamon will be strong enough to overwhelm it, but in a very harmonious way." Obviously only she and Anoof will be able to detect just how harmonious the way is ... well, and Havune, who is evidently trying to seduce Anoof with gifts of alathzoin incense and other Cani treats, by the sounds lurking out of the Cycloidal Pond Filled with Harmonious yet Cycloidal Trout, he was evidently succeeding.

(For the pruriently interested, the sounds included a loud declaration of the intent to seduce as Havune trotted up the stairs to the Pond -- and no, it's not a pond, it's a bedroom that needs another name -- followed by, so far, half an hour of diamond-chess pieces clacking on the board, and discussions of diamond chess. Narngi left, not to give her fiances some privacy -- Cani do not like privacy -- but because she was bored by the game. Also because she wished to complain about the incense.)

In any case, Ghirbis was quite devoutly flustered, to the point of stomping up to the Carcanofex Suite and proclaiming to me, "Sythyry, beware! I am flustered! We must have an organized schedule of incenses, or, perhaps, I shall be deflocculated by our resident Cani!"

After a brief discussion on the definition of "deflocculated" -- an act which, according to Ghirbis, involves the repeated impact of large chunks of frozen horse entrails upon the tail and tail-proximate parts of a presumably innocent but definitely Yistreian Rassimel -- we agreed on the need for some more organized incense schedule.

How experienced are you with living near Cani, or other people with very keen noses?

I am Cani, or a person with a very keen nose.
I have a great deal of such experience.
I have a modest amount of such experience.
I have little or no such experience.

What do you use incense for:

To ensure that the smells of the home are harmonious and pleasant.
To add excitement or delight to the air.
To complement other pleasant household scents, such as the smell of onions being sizzled in butter.
To hide distasteful scents, such as the smell of a wet Cani.
To fulfil common social niceties and courtesies.
To hide embarrassing scents, such as the smell of one's Herethroy roommate greatly enjoying zir Rassimel girlfriend, to the extent that even a Zi Ri can smell it sometimes.
As a way to enjoy pleasant sensations akin to those of eating, yet without enhancing my sufficiently-enhanced waistline.
As a crucial ingredient in my seductions, of fiances or of others.
Something else; see notes.

Do you like incense with:

Subtle or perhaps even innocent scents
Bold, rambunctious scents
Sophisticated, elegant scents.
Hot-blooded scents full of passion.
Cool, collected scents.
Familiar, homesome scents.
Something else: see notes.

[OOC: The incense story arc is inspired by beetiger's new web business, If you order something, mention Sythyry in your comments for a free gift.]

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