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Some Excuses [5 Thory 4261]

Ghirbis: Noodles and Beans

Me:"Why so many different noodle and bean dishes, Ghirbis?"

Ghirbis:"Dustweed told me to do it!"

Dustweed: Noodles and Beans

Me:"Dustweed? Why did you tell Ghirbis to make all noodle and bean dishes for the big dinner?"

Dustweed:"I didn't tell her that."

Me:"Well, she said you did."

Dustweed:"She asked me what I suggested she make. She had a book of guntry recipes in her hand, and I was afraid she'd only make a meat thing. I told her that a noodle-and-bean soup would be easy to do, and everyone could eat it."

Me:"Oh, dear."

Dustweed:"She went a bit berserk with it."

Me:"Just a touch."

Dustweed:"At least I was able to eat one of the dishes."

Me:"Only one?"

Dustweed:"Most of them had meat in them. I wasn't expecting her to use so much meat."

Me:"Still, you shouldn't tell her things like that. It only encourages her."

Dustweed:"I didn't know she was an Orren! She looks just like a Rassimel to me!"

Me:"To almost everyone, it seems. I must accept that excuse."

Agrimony's Excuse

Me:"Agrimony? What are you doing in my closet? I mean, my quite fancy bedroom suite?"

Agrimony:"Oh! Hi, Sythyry."

Me:"A pleasure meeting you here today! An unexpected pleasure!"

Agrimony:"Quite so!"

Me:"Very unexpected indeed!"

Agrimony:"Not so unexpected. We do live together now."

Me:"Well, in some sense of 'together'. I did think that you were living in the Slotted Hexagonal Mineshaft, on the second floor. Or was it the Chamber of Unspecified Delights?"

Agrimony:"I believe Ghirbis called it that, Sythyry."

Me:"In particular, you are not living in the Carcanofex Suite."

Agrimony:"I should hope not! I am not a carcanofex."

Me:"Well, then, what are you doing in the Carcanofex Suite?"

Agrimony:"This is the Carcanofex Suite, then?"

Me:"It has been thuswise named! Observe the stuffed carcanofex toy in the glorious chamber you are currently infiltrating!"


Me:"Well, what are you doing here?"

Agrimony:"Chasing Pazi-Pazi."

Me:"Why are you chasing Pazi-Pazi in my bedroom?"

Agrimony:"Because that is where she ran."

Me:"What was she running from?"

Agrimony:"I tripped over her. I saw blood afterwards. I want to make sure she is not hurt."

Me:"Hah! I daresay the blood is from an innocent Zi Ri she has killed."

We collected and inspected Pazi-Pazi. The blood was from her last meal. Evidently Sneaky Veffu has followed us here. And my roommate's suspicious activities had an excuse.

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