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Rhedwy's Approach [3 Thory 4261]

I was sitting in Darkwad's little fire, watching him grill one of his peculiar carrots for me and another for Shadowfrog. Seeks-The-Grand-Termite herself was standing by, tail twitching impatiently, for she was late to ... giving a chili-covered grilled carrot to a gigantic carnivorous beast, who is presumably well-trained enough not to bite much of anyone's hand off in pain. I was, indeed, interrogating her about this plan in some depth. She was getting annoyed with me about it.

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite:"No, I've never given Shadowfrog chilis before. Yes, I'm sure she'll like it."

Rhedwy, who hadn't been there a second ago, leapt on Seeks-The-Grand-Termite's back and tried to knock her flat.

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite was duly alarmed, surprised, distressed, and perplexed, and did what is generally preferred by polite society, which is to say, created a great deal of powdered chili around Rhedwy's head. At least, this is what polite society is likely to do if (1) they can manage the spell, and (2) they have been thinking of little other than annoying very dangerous beasts with chili powder for the last several minutes.

Darkwad did what a loyal and dramatic Cani small-merchant should do, which is to say, he threw himself bodily between the terrible beast and his paying customer, proclaiming an assortment of ineffectual insults and impractical threats in a distinctly squeaky voice.

Which meant that he got cuffed aside.

Which left him considerably more tangled up with me than I might have expected -- especially considering that he has recently been suspected of being tangled up with Ghirbis Vlaan. Of course, his neck and shoulder were catching fire at the time, and his chin was catching carrots, so it wasn't as romantic as it could have been, though it is the best romance I've had in some time.

Various sources have recommended to me that I be kind to my lovers. Darkwad, occupying the theoretically-enviable position of "best romance I've had in some time," seemed thuswise deserving of kindness. So I rendered him moderately fireproof: using a spell which only lasts a minute or two, of course, but that long seemed like plenty of time for him to finish off and get out of the fire with me. Which it was.

This gave us an excellent vantage point to watch:

  1. Seeks-The-Grand-Termite run her sword through Rhedwy's liver.
  2. Rhedwy shred a goodly bit of Seeks-The-Grand-Termite's left leg.
  3. Grangergrorion Grorno the Nameless, purveyor of olives and other small salty things, whose storefront Darkwad is often found in front of, call in a distinctly alarmed voice for the city watch,
  4. Seeks-The-Grand-Termite and Rhedwy explain in unison that they are the city watch,
  5. Seeks-The-Grand-Termite arrest herself lightly for Disturbing the Peace, Upsetting the Merchants, Scaring the Bystanders, Alarming the Olives, and Scorching the Carrots,
  6. Rhedwy heal herself and Seeks-The-Grand-Termite, and
  7. Several people who had stopped to watch the event buy this or that from Grangergrorion Grorno the Nameless and Darkwad.

Then, of course, Rhedwy strolled off, tail curled behind her, happy as a prune in praline.

Me:"What was that about?"

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite:"She said she'd pounce me if I kept this name a moment longer."

Me:"And you did keep it? I never knew you to be reluctant to change your name."

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite:"I never change my name without a good reason, Sythyry. You know that."

Me:"I do?"

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite:"Well, you should! In any case, I have not yet found the Grand Termite. Why should I change my name?"

Me:"To avoid having your leg ripped off, marinated in barley-vinegar, and reattached?"

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite:"Don't be silly!"

Me:"And how many of your seekings do you actually find?"

Seeks-The-Grand-Termite:"More than you'd think, especially with the more symbolic of my names. And no, I shan't say a word more."

At which point the replacement carrots were suitably cooked, and I flew mine off home, as much to avoid Seeks-whatever as anything else.

(Actually, I think I might be wrong about that romantic stuff. I think that Esory might have been that. Hard to say though.)

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