Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Instructor with the Battleaxe [2 Lage 4261]

Professor Visessasilmin is not Professor Visessasilmin. She is Professor Vengtomerax Bloodthorn Tears-bringer. (Visessasilmin is a nendrai somewhere else. I do not know why the name in the catalog was incorrect.) She is taller than anyone I know, by three or five inches. She is more rotund than anyone I know.

She refers to herself as "fat and lazy". Nonetheless, without really seeming to notice any effort, she picked up a rather large lab table and threw it against the wall so hard that it split in half. Twice.

Tethezai:"Had you said something to annoy her, Sythyry?"

Dustweed:"Or, perhaps, is Prince Nestrune in the class?"

Neither one, for neither throwing! It was a demonstration of how quickly a bound Healoc spell can take effect. The first time she had the Healoc spell set to take effect when the table was badly damaged. I, personally, blinked when it hit the wall, and I never saw it broken at all.

The second time, it was set to heal the table when Prof. Tears-Bringer spoke the word "TAFLEN". That time, we saw it lying in a broken heap against the side of the classroom for many seconds why the professor lectured a bit. I don't know what she lectured about -- something about bound spells I assume, since, after all, Very Dangerous Knobbles is about bound spells -- but I was thinking about how very much bigger the table is than me, and how very much it would hurt if she threw it at me.

Prof. Tears-bringer is certainly the most imposing professor I have had so far. Even if she does wear a hundred feathers tied in her fur, and nothing else, to teach in.

For this reason and that, I daresay I shall not fall asleep in her lectures. But I may try to find a good spot to listen behind one of the structural pillars. If I think they're strong enough.

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