Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Avoiding Sleep [27 Thory 4261]

They say that you must not sleep on your first night in a new home, because the obgrathious snyygs will come and pluck your feathers out.

"They", in this case, is Ghirbis and Vlaan. Considering how much of my stuff they moved from here to there today, I will consider them plural at least for the moment.

Also, I do not particularly trust them on this topic. "obgrathious" isn't a word and doesn't show up in the bestiary I have either, and "snyyg", as best as I can discover, is Yistreian for the verb 'to sing'.

Also, considering how few people have feathers (a handful of suitably-bespelled Zi Ri, and an equal handful of suitably-bespelled other people -- feathers on a Cani look quite wrong, don't you think?), it would be surprising if any gods had made any monsters, obgrathious or singing or otherwise, which have such specialized prey.

Still, I shall not sleep to-night. Instead, I shall meditate all night, so that I shall have enough cley to entirely and utterly demolish every obgrathious snyyg that shows up here. With one left over to warm tomorrow's bathwater.

I wouldn't want to wander about all mussy and soiled and covered with obgrathious ooze and snyyg-spyyt, would I?

Still, I have left a bound spell watching the door in case anything obgrathious or snyyglike ... or, perhaps, otherwise Yistreian ... tries to creep in during the more aetherial and spiritual parts of my meditations.

Yes, I do sometimes exhale smoke during the more aetherial and spiritual parts of my meditations.

No, it's definitely not sleep. Not a bit.

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