Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Report on Dubaille

We fussed for a great long time with the tooth that did not belong to Prof. Gostunard. At length, we gave it to Seeks-Painted-Fingers Strenata. She renamed herself to "Seeks-Wicked-Dentists" on the spot, and trotted it over to a fairly sneaky part of the city guard. There a significantly skillful mage cast Conversation with the Distant through it.

The conversation went something like this.

Mage:"Hello there, hello there! I am a mage of the Vheshrame City Guard, investigating a possible crime with you as the possible victim!"

Other:"Ooh... You must be Flokin!"

Mage:"No, gentleperson. I am a mage of the Vheshrame City Guard."

Other:"It's soooo hot now ... are you going to burn me up in a judge?"

Mage:"No, gentle. We suspect you may be the victim of some possible criminal activity, and we just want to ask a few questions."

Other:"I can trick you! [laughter]"

Mage:"Please don't, gentle. This is entirely for your own protection."

Other:"Nuh-uh! I kinow [sic] what happens to the people you protect! You eat them!"

Mage:"Gentle, I do not. I am simply trying to assist you."

Other:"Don't help me! Please! I'll feed you sausage rolls!"

Mage:"Gentle, are you sure that you are in good mental and physical condition at the moment?"

Other:"Nithon tucked me in and said I'd be all safe."

Mage:"Nithon is ... protecting you from the fire god?"


Mage:"Gentle, are you injured or unwell?"

Other:"Are you the healer? Nithon said she'd get a healer if I got worse."

Mage:"I have some skill at the healing arts, though my main powers lie elsewhere. Please tell me a little more about the danger that Nithon was protecting you from."

Other:"Am I dead now? I can't see my fingers!"

Mage:"Are you under physical or magical attack?"

Other:"Did you kill me?"

Mage:"I'm simply trying to ask a few simple questions, gentle..."

Other:"[crying] Why'd you kill me?"

Mage:"I didn't kill you. I'm not going to kill you."

Other:"[crying] You killed me and now I won't get to go to Earwilly's party!"

The conversation became entirely incoherent at this point. Seeks-Wicked-Dentists and the mage did various other city guard folks, asking about people named Nithon and Earwilly, and eventually they found her.

She was a nine-year-old Orren poor girl, and she was in bed with a fever after an upset stomach after eating a fish that could have been fresher. She was, indeed, missing her left upper fang -- a tooth which, according to many experts (or at least Seeks-Wicked-Dentists, who says she read a book on teeth once), is superficially similar to one Rassimel tooth. And indeed Dubaille had extracted it for her some time earlier. And indeed she was the daughter of Prof. Gostunard's best friend.

Which, at least, explains some of the story: why the tooth was labelled that way.

Who would want to blackmail Gostunard?

Well, um ... who wouldn't?

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