Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid

Sythyry's Courses (second term of 4261)

I was going to take "Subtle Magical Dangers" from Prof. Ili, having survived "Notable Magical Catastrophes" last term. However, I accidentally told my Evil Neighbor about my plans, back before she was my Evil Roommate. And, as she is Evil, she talked me out of it, thuswise:

Me:"I shall take "Subtle Magical Dangers" from Prof. Ili, having survived "Notable Magical Catastrophes" this term."

Ghirbis:"Ah! Foolish you are, and entirely free from both common sense and a vision of practicalities!"

Me:"One might think that "Subtle Magical Dangers" were entirely practical, for someone planning a career as a subtle and dangerous magician."

Ghirbis:"Ah! There is nobody as short-sighted as a Zi Ri!"

Me:"How, short-sighted?"

Ghirbis:"So short-sighted as to only see the long view!"

Me:"Ah, that kind of short."

Ghirbis:"Next year you shall not be involved in any huge and subtle magical workings. Any magical dangers you face shall be as obvious as your roommate's despicable gender!"

Me:"Which I somehow managed to avoid noticing for some months."

Ghirbis:"A fact that I cannot account of, so I shall ignore it entirely. But you shall be at court. So you must take something of use at court!"

And that is how I came to take "Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid" instead.

(in Sythyry's words)

Course Teacher Opinion
Formal Enchantment II Prof. Trillisanguinus Spreen (Rassimel woman) More of the same. ~Mother~ shall be so pleased. I shall be so more stipendulous.
Applied Enchantment II Prof. Nethry Alzagond (Rassimel woman) Perhaps I shall finish the cursed thing this time around.
Very Dangerous Knobbles Prof. Visessasilmin (Gormoror woman!) A course on spellbinding. The name of the course refers to the use of attaching spells to little lumps of this or that, for use as traps.
Biology of Elementals Prof. Verra Tardamos (Rassimel man) One of those marginally-magical courses, half natural philosophy and half magic, with which I must pad my studies because Enchantment takes so much cley and I don't really have enough left for something like spell invention. Still, I have more or less decided that I shall be an enchanter. Esory is being entirely too influential.... or, perhaps, ~mother~ is.
Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid Prof. Phrass Another course of anecdotes and snippets of history, this one about famous demises and the demises of famous people. It is arguably the most practical course I am taking -- at least, Ghirbis argues so. It will contribute greatly to my powers of smalltalk at court.
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