Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC -- help?

Various people have been after me to publish various bits of fiction. I'm thinking about it, without making any decisions yet, and I've got a couple questions.

Please answer these if you read Sythyry, even if the answers are negative.

Sythyry Bound: If I were to tidy up Sythyry's Journal, and talk Padwolf (who published World Tree in the first place) into publishing it, might you buy it? This would be a somewhat edited version of the story so far, perhaps with a little new material, but mainly things that are on-line already. I wouldn't change what I'm doing with new Sythyry, just collect the old ones. (This isn't an order for a book, just a bit of market research.)

No -- perhaps the online version is plenty for you.
Unlikely (10% chance, say) -- perhaps you don't intend to reread it, perhaps you don't expect to be able to afford it.
Perhaps (50% chance, say) -- perhaps you, like me, think you should support stuff you read online, but you don't get around to doing it as often as you think you should.
Likely (80% chance, say).

Then there's this novel without a name sitting on my hard drive. It's set one branch over from Sythyry, but in a reasonably similar social context. It's third-person, a touch more adventury, and a whole story rather than a slice of life, but with a pretty similar style and feel. I just reread it, and I'm pretty happy with it. What should I do with it?

Shop it around to major publishers
Try to make Padwolf publish it, or other small presses.
Find an agent to sell it.
Don't bother -- furry gaming-based stuff will never sell, period.

Then there's this other, somewhat older novel. It's in the same world, but it's got a rather different point of view, and it's harsher and darker. I was not as good a writer when I wrote it. The ending is technically clumsier than I'd like.

Shop it around to major publishers
Try to make Padwolf publish it, or other small presses.
Find an agent to sell it.
Don't bother -- furry gaming-based stuff will never sell, period.
Rewrite it to your satisfaction before trying to sell it, even if that takes a couple years or never happens.
Do one book at a time, starting with the newer, better one.

Also, do you have any other advice?

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