Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

On Thery, Yarwain, and Macropodia Elegans [27 Thory 4261]

Thery is not terribly pleased with me just now. I have taken to saying "slootly" (a wonderful word from the Countess Gloun) now and then ... as have several of our mutual friends. This reminds Thery of her broken promise to her erstwhile employer, sponsor, and best friend.

Thery, of course, is not entirely comfortable right now. She barely managed to pass her courses this term, except for two. One teacher allowed her to resign from the course. The other claimed that her condition was self-inflicted (which is true) and that she would either perform her celesta recital or fail her music class. She chose to fail...

... in no small part because the healers recommend that, whenever she stands up, she wear a horrid-looking torture garment intended to keep the growing baby's weight from pressing on this or that vital organ or some such.

I did not inquire about the details. If I ever get pregnant, it will be considerably less pleasant for me than, well, anything that happens to Thery up to and including major surgery without pallatives.

Physically, at least. Thery is at grave risk for losing the baby, even with all the torture garments and pondygreen and careful spellwork and what have you. That's not a common thing for Zi Ri.

In any case, I have no immediate plans for pregnancy, and Thery, I guess, can think of little else. For perfectly good reasons. Somehow, attempts to divert her with gossip of mutual friends -- even of myself! -- and other such pleasantries proved rather flat.

Neither does pregnancy at this improve her mood.

However, the baby does now have a womb-name: Macropodia Elegans. I do hope the poor thing gets to change it after birth!

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