Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Moving Company [26 Thory 4261]

It has been a distinctly messy and troublesome week, and I haven't had a free minute to write a word. In the depths of springtime, for some reason, I thought that it would be convenient to arrange matters so that I would move at the end of the term. Somehow that seemed to make sense at the time...

Ah, well. A great many things have been tied up in packets, stuffed in crates, hurled into baskets, and otherwise assorted into assortulations. I had expected to hire a few stout Herethroy with basket-packs -- by weight alone, if everything I had in Vheshrame were in conveniently-carryable pieces, it would take me roughly a thousand trips to carry it all myself.

(Which leads me to imagine the following scrap conversation with one of the more monstrous of you...)

Monster:"Couldn't you use a spell to tow a large quantity of material behind you, as you have done many times before in this very journal?"

Me:"Yes, of course I could. Each such spell would cost me one cley. Now, I have only so many cley each day, and the spell can carry only so much -- a better spell would carry more, and if everything I owned was leather and bone and parchment, I could even cast a better spell if I had one."

However, Dustweed, Ghirbis, and I decided that we might as well have the same collection of strong gentlebugs move us. This proved to be a problem, as the first eleven companies we chose refused, when they learned that Dustweed was to be moved.

Ghirbis despaired, and musically suggested that we must rent some stevedore Khtsoyis from the docks. This stung me! For I fear what stevedore Khtsoyis from the docks might do as they pack and carry my wealthy belongings, including my once-stolen skeropythrope.

But, by means of hiring some rather poor Herethroy who are more accustomed to sweeping the streets and boardwalks when the ordinary street sweepers' weekly sweepage is seven or eight days past, and it has not rained or stormed of late, and the boardwalk is too messy for the store-owners to endure, we were able to move.

Actually, we hired Darkwad as well, to (1) cater the event, and (2) help with a bit of the moving. If I am not mistaken, also available was (3) a bit of private smooching, with hand-wandering, by a distinctly Evil Roommate who was quite distinctly not singing at the time. Even if she was motivated by physical means to sing, as she might have been. I know there's something quite suspicious going on when Ghirbis stops singing.

In any case, we now live in Quelldrie House, for which I am very glad indeed.

I must also write about:

  1. Next terms' courses
  2. My new room
  3. Esory
  4. Thery
  5. The enchantment project
  6. [Added later] Dubaille
  7. Course marks, when they show up
  8. Pazi-Pazi
  9. Anything else?

What else must I write about before I have caught up to your satisfaction? I do have tomorrow free, and I shan't be unpacking the whole day.

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