Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Toothquest[17 Thory 4261]

Sorry for skipping a week of journal. It's been pretty boring.

Esory was very friendly in Enchantment class. By "very friendly" I mean "Sythyry, may I invite you to sit on my shoulder?" sort of friendly. Which I distinguish from the "Sythyry, let us taste many more brandies and behave in untoward ways toward each other" sort of friendly, which I would really like from a squirmy Orren rather more than from a Rassy.

Havune returned the tooth to Prof. Gostunard, or tried to, but failed. Prof. Gostunard claims to have never lost a tooth. A quick open-mouth count shows no currently missing teeth, though of course one could have been removed and restored. We do not know what is going on here.

Nor could we ask Dubaille, for we are not on speaking terms with Dubaille. Lady Quissenden refused to let him back into the mansion, though she did take the children back. Dubaille slunk off for a session of gambling and drinking. He did return to the apartment the next day. I confronted him somewhat forcefully -- indeed, I threatened him with weapons which I may or may not possess -- and was met by unhappy betrayed-sounding squeaks. I sent him off with part of his possessions, which did not please him greatly.

I do not think I am betraying him. I promised him ... nothing. Nothing at all. I was civil to him as a roommate, and abducting my skeropythrope might be considered a betrayal in some way or other in any case.

Nonetheless I am not pleased.

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