Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Roommate Free[7 Thory 4261]

I do not know whether everyone finds it difficult to threaten a pseudo-friend (or even a regrettably-close acquaintance) while his young children watch. I can imagine that, in the far future, I find it necessary to employ gentlemen who are capable of such matters. Probably they will be Khtsoyis.

None of my remaining or future roommates have such an ability.

This is fortunate. If they did, I might well choose to change roommates.

Indeed, even assaulting Dubaille further proved impossible. We did send him out into the night with his children in tow. Though I flew ahead and grabbed his ex-wife's coachman and insisted that he stop and bring children and Dubaille to the Quissenden estate.

Havune:"Well, Sythyry, you have well and truly fouled things up now. We can no longer claim self-defense to murder Dubaille!"

Me:"I thought you weren't actually planning to murder him."

Havune:"Narngi was not. Dustweed was not. I have a hole in my abdomen where he put the knife, and a hole in my spirit where he betrayed me."

Me:"Well, were you?"

Havune:"No, of course not. But I was not going to decide that until the last possible minute."

So we quite reasonably decided to sort through Dubaille's belongings, and decide which ones would remain Dubaille's belongings.

Will Stay Dubaille's Will Not Stay Dubaille's
A Letter of Debt, explaining that Dubaille owes the Bank of Teleporting Hexagons some thirty thousand lozens, and hinting that Lady Quissenden is not to be told; dated towards the end of their marriage. The very nice and quite expensive silver-chased skeropythrope that a grandparent gave me as I headed off to Vheshrame Academy.
A rather ruder Letter of Debt explaining that Dubaille owes one Blergomaster Thrankweight some six thousand lozens, with various of Quissenden's belongings as collateral, dated shortly after the end of the marriage. A necklace of lily-glirries that Havune's third cousin (or, if you prefer, his first boyfriend) gave him.

Havune:"I wonder if I can persuade him to stab me through the liver again, sometime soon? I think I shall kill him next time."

Narngi:"You'd better get healed all the way first, O my fiance, or I shall stab you through the liver myself."

A pair of socks that, in all likelyhood, more than one child had peed upon in the approximately two months that Dubaille wore them. A very nice hezarion locket with a portrait of a very nice, if sadly clothing-deprived, Rassimel lady painted or carved on glass inside. She does not resemble the Lady Quissenden. (Actually, I think it might be Ghirbis, but I have not yet seen Ghirbis nude.)
A packet of very insipid and very old love-letters. Many of them are from Lady Quissenden. A rather nice hat, never worn, which Dustweed shall give to Tethezai.
A threadbare stuffed parrot. A tooth wrapped in bloody linen in a small box labelled Prof. Gostunard in Dubaille's handwriting. I don't know precisely what Dubaille wants to do with a very intimate and tight arcane connection to Prof. Gostunard, but I should imagine that Gostunard (for one) would be quite interested.
Seven tatty waistcoats in peach and lime. A jar of high-quality offirrah.

Narngi:"It is quite fortunate for Dubaille that we are all of the upper classes. Otherwise we would know much more definitively just how inappropriate it is to steal from your fellow city-residents."

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