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Roommate Fight[7 Thory 4261]

Actually the fight was largely over by the time I got there. Dustweed was sitting on Dubaille's back, with one hand holding each of his wrists and one on each of his ankles: an unnecessary measure, as Dubaille seemed less than conscious. Narngi was holding half of a chair, which she had evidently broken on Dubaille. Havune was sitting on the faded blue couch, and busily dying an alarming part of the cushion a color that would presumably be an ominous reddish-brown. The living room stung with the residue of a dozen angry spells.

Havune:"Ah, Sythyry, glad you're back in time to say your farewells to Dubaille."

Me:"Oh, heavens. Are you going to kill him?"

Havune:"We have not entirely decided. Probably so."

Me:"Isn't that a touch on the illegal side?"

Havune:"Oddly enough, no. He did, after all, personally inspect my left kidney." He held up an enchanted dagger with the Quissenden family crest on the hilt, and a good deal of blood on the blade.

Me:"Was it a duel?"

Narngi sent a wind to whisper to me, "We will not kill him, but we will give him a gift of considerable and extensive fear, if we can."

Havune:"Nothing so dignified. I asked him a polite question; he replied by a dagger to the belly."

Me:"Polite question...?"

Havune:"Very polite."

Me:"This seems a bit extraordinary."

Dustweed:"The question was, 'What has become of the three silver and leaden bracelets that my grandmother gave me?'"

Me:"I suppose that could be an awkward question under some circumstances. Did you ever get get an answer?"

Havune:"They are in a Khtsoyis' tentacles, to pay off some of Dubaille's debts."

Me:"Ah. Killing him in self-defense seems to make a good deal of sense, indeed."

Dubaille moaned. Narngi prodded him with a sharp bit of chair.

Dubaille:"Sythyry? You're not going to let them kill me, are you? "

Me:"I daresay I couldn't outwrestle Havune, even if you have helpfully half-killed him."

Dubaille:"You've always been my friend! I've always treated you well!"

Me:"A situation of which I have hithertofore been unaware!"

Dubaille:"Use your magic! Do something to them!"

Me:"Ah, now that I can do. Narngi, if you kill Dubaille, I will assault you with this most mighty of amulets!" I waved my little glass pitcher that creates water. "Your bathing will be cold, and clothed, and humiliatingly public! Furthermore, it will probably only get some of the blood off."

Narngi:"An idle threat. These are not my good clothes."

Me:"Well, so much for my attempt to rescue you, Dubaille. I suppose you ought to be comforted by the fact that seven out of eight theologians say that debts do not follow us from one life to the next."

Havune:"Although, some mages do have an experimental spell that will let a good bank follow someone for three or four lives... I do hope you reincarnate quickly, Dubaille, or the interest will be rather alarming."

Someone squeaked behind me. I looked at the front door, where Dawdry was staring and starting to cry.

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