Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

My Dinner With Esory, IIg [7 Thory 4261]

In retrospect, I probably should have gotten drunk.

I didn't, though. I tried a few drops of this and a few drops of that. Since it is a Rassimel's collection, I must take notes in an organized way:

Brandy Flavor My Opinion
Pfeltoise Orange and cardamom The perfect aftershock to pickled leech and apricot soup. Not worth eating pickled leech and apricot soup to acquire.
Daq D'ouenff Pelterment and honey Nasty bitter stuff, even with the honey, but it does clear the palate. It also turns your eyes quite orange for some minutes, which is an ordinary property of pelterment. The palate-cleansing effect is not worth the orange eyes. The orange-eyes effect is not worth the bitterness. The brandy is not worth the price.
Sgwarnog o Fryn Bilberry Delicious. I suppose after Daq D'ouenff anything would be delicious, but I had another drop after the Ulvark and it was still delicious.
I can't remember something floral Perhaps the high point of the evening. Or perhaps not.
Marque Datal Raisin and chissowary Esory seemed particularly eager to have me try this, and it was fairly nice, but she didn't like it very much.
I can't remember Raisin and chulle It tasted expensive. Not particularly good, just expensive.
Mondre-du-Txverrion Date and persimmon A thoroughly forgettable beverage, whose main claim to noteworthiness is that it comes in a ceramic pot with a lead talisman on the front, worked with mysterious archaic runes of magical significance. Esory and I spent a third of an hour looking them up. They say, "We're pretty good at Durudor magic, aren't we?", but in a considerably more arrogant way.
Ulvark Mushroom and Honey Delicious.
Amorivasche Musk and Honeydew Reputed to be an aphrodesiac. No magical properties in any case. Expensive, but not very tasty.
Tilpastrienne jersany Not bad -- very well-blended -- but the flavor of jersany was rather lost. The price of jersany was, I gather, not rather lost.

Esory was rather less moderate, perhaps in surprise at getting such easy access to her mother's beloved collection. For each drop I tasted, it was a spoonful she tasted. And at one point wound up turning her head -- I was on her shoulder, as you recall -- and kissing me with a degree of familiarity that I rarely managed to get from Seeks-Orren even at our best of times. I had to nip her nose at that, to be sure!

And after that, I had a servant pour her into bed, and flew home intending to go to bed myself. Which was of course impossible.

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