Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

My Dinner With Esory, IIf [7 Thory 4261]

Esory's career as a master-criminal is assured. Her planning is superb; her approach meticulous; her choice of targets is perfect.

In truth, it is the choice of targets that matters the most in this case. Ordinarily, when the subtle and sneaky thieves are confronted by their victim, the victim exclaims something such as "Who are you and what are you doing?", or, perhaps, "Prepare to die, intrusive scoundrel!". The thief must retort, "I am nobody worth your notice, and I am fleeing!", or, perhaps, "Have at you, corpulent burghur!" On the whole, such a conversation is rarely as delightful or entertaining as a ducal tea party, or even a stint as a waitress at Candledance. For this reason, and this reason alone, most thieves, while performing their duties, take care to avoid social encounters with the people they are stealing from.

With the proper choice of victim, this need not be the case.

Esory's Mother:"Oh, hallo, Esory. You are back from Gounne Gousse earlier than I had thought!"

Esory:"Oh, hallo, Mother! It is later than you think -- the sun has been out for more than an hour, I should say. I thought to give Sythyry some of this or that from your collection of brandies." Those of you with thiefsome intent should observe Esory's form in this instance with great care -- few other scoundrels would dare to take this approach!

Esory's Mother:"What an excellent thought! Sythyry, if this leaves you unwilling to fly home on your own, we should be honored if you spent the night here. Esory, should this occur, direct zir to the rollward guestroom, which is conveniently next to your own."

Esory:"Perhaps you could recommend a thing or two to taste?"A truly unusual, yet, somehow daring, approach.

Esory's Mother:"Perhaps I could, at that. What did you eat at Gounne Gousse?"

And the conversation dissolved into a discussion of which brandy would be best after slug and apricot soup. Which goes to show the power of Esory's consummate thievery.

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