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My Dinner With Esory, IIe [7 Thory 4261]

[OOC: In the current phase of projectmothra, it's pretty challenging to find time and energy to write my usual 500-1000 word entries more than once every week or two. I'm going to try shorter ones, hopefully more often. Let me know if it's not working, or what. --bard]

Having evicted the Khtsoyis from the Chariot, and having discharged our agreed-upon debt for protection against the friendly Countess, we were at liberty to ... well ... do whatever a pair of Enchantment students of good breeding might choose to do, somewhat after sunout, while riding a large bone spider with a vicious sense of non-sequitur.

Which was a situation that neither Esory nor I was entirely familiar with.

The following conversation was repeated several times, with minor variations:

Me or Esory:"What shall we do now?"

Esory or Me:"Why, I have no further plans. Whatever you like, I suppose."

Me or Esory:"I, too, am devoid of plans."

Chariot:"You should perforate the paradiddle paradigm!"

Until, at some length, it was pointed out that our current Enchantment projects were all theoretical at the moment, and thus we did not need to be up and awake and capable of concerted sorcery at the flicker of dawn tomorrow, and, thus, that there was absolutely no reason for even me to worry about staying sober. (Esory, of course, is constitutionally incapable of suffering the morning after even the most devoted drinking session. (This, ultimately, is the reason why Rassimel rule the World Tree. (Rassimel do rule the World Tree, don't they? Or is that Cani? (In any case, it is not Zi Ri, especially Zi Ri who write like Orren.))))

This lead inevitably to us stalking in the Insignificant Ruby Bone Chariot to Caer ky Fiaunrhel, where we planned to abduct some brandy from the Brandy Closet ky Fiaunrhel.

Esory insisted that, if we were to attempt such feats of criminal dastardry -- not bastardry, as Esory is thoroughly legitimate, a fact which did a good deal to reduce the risks of our insidious plan -- that I must sit on her shoulder. As I am quite new at this sort of criminal dastardry, it seemed advisable to follow her advice.

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