Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Adventurers from Daukrhame, cont., cont. [8 Thory 4261]

So, the murderer (well, the non-murderer) was Milirant, with me as one of his accomplices.

  1. Milirant, one of Nestrune's many former lovers, decided to use their connexion to his advantage: this time, by seducing Nestrune anonymously, collecting the physical proceeds, and using them to make an arcane connection of extremely high quality and permanance, which he would then sell to someone -- the Duke of Pshent, probably -- who has reason for wanting subtle access to the Crown Prince of Daukrhame.
  2. To do this, he needed two magical assistants. The greater was Master Wherion, a karcist who specializes in death magic but can do other kinds as well. The lesser was someone to provide him a thorough disguise: viz., me, casting a bound Cloak of Another God to turn him Cani. He paid me respectably for it, and I spent that money taking Esory out to dinner.
  3. He did seduce Nestrune, as a female Cani. Nestrune was apparently initially intrigued by his/her tastes in activity, which, by some peculiar coincidence, exactly matched what he (Nestrune) likes best. His later review was of course that she was mediocre, as is hardly surprising considering that (1) Milirant was not at all used to being in a Cani body, or a female body for that matter; (2) Milirant is not actually that interested in all of those activities; and (3) Milirant doesn't like boys very much, even when he is a she.
  4. He/she brought a connection of excellent quality (freely, even eagerly, supplied by Nestrune) to Master Wherion.
  5. Wherion needed to wait 'til a good time to do the ritual.
  6. During that time, the gang of thugs and sewerists from Daukrhame marauded around, got an unwashed sheet from Nestrune's bed which he and she-Cani-Milirant had used, and thereby discovered the matter.
  7. The thugs went to visit Milirant. The Khtsoyis got there first. By the time the others got there, the bed had been set afire and extinguished. Both Milirant and the Khtsoyis claim that Milirant had dropped a candle on it, but we all know how likely that is -- Rassimel do not set their beds afire by mistake, as Zi Ri do, so it could have been nothing other than a very quick and very improper conjunction that set it on fire. In any case, from gratitude (in the official story) or postcoital bliss (in the presumed story), Milirant bought the thugs much liquor, got himself drunk (and wouldn't you, if you had just done that?), and was talked out of doing anything to Nestrune. In this case, "talked out" means "threatened quite severely."
  8. The thugs then talked Master Wherion out of doing anything to Nestrune too. In this case, "talked out" means "paid quite severely".
  9. Then the thugs mostly went home, getting most of the credit.

Nestrune somehow forgot to thank Strenata for saving his life.

And no, despite that, she still won't stop riding with him.

She's annoyed at something else.

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