Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Adventurers from Daukrhame, cont. [8 Thory 4261]

Seeks-Camels Strenata was in a bit of a temper when we found her. "Sythyry, if you knew you were the target of a terrible sorcerous death attack, would you go out riding on Gumblorga?"

Me:"Slootly not! Riding chargers is not a Zi Ri speciality."

Strenata:"Nestrune is a fool."

Me:"I must add that to Nestrune's list of princely qualifications."

Real-Eel:"Strenata? Any chance you could heal my scent?"

Strenata got the full story of Real-Eel's escape. "Oh, those are just Nestrune's guards. I sent them off to a destroyer mage."

Real-Eel:"I hope the destroyer mage does her job quite thoroughly!"

Strenata:"Oh, Avalli is a healer, just a Destroc specialist."

(As an aside: Impractical Uses of Destroc talked about this at length. There are a variety of ways that a healer can use Destroc -- destroying bits of weaponry or venom that are stuck inside the patient; removing excess body weight; blasting wicked magic; and, of course, causing temporary wounds for surgeons to work inside of. It is an obscure speciality.)

Me:"Why was the healer Avalli trying to kill Nestrune? Aside from good taste and civic justice, such as anyone might have."

Strenata:"Oh, shush. Avalli is not trying to kill Nestrune. Someone asked her delicately about killing foreigners from Daukrhame, and she sent the someone to Master Wherion. Then realized that it might be someone in the city now, and let me know."

Me:"Why you?"

Strenata looked rather distressed for a moment, then laughed and said, "Well, I do ride with him occasionally, as I am glad you have forgotten."

Real-Eel:"So of course Nestrune summons his Khtsoyis and Sleeth hordes to the middle of Vheshrame, where they chase me into the sewers on the grounds that I ... um... am Master Wherion's apprentice?"

Me:"Are you?"

Real-Eel:"No. Who is Master Wherion?"

Strenata:"A Rassimel Death Mage."

Me:"Ah. Of course. A Death Mage. He has ... invented a new Verb, of Death. Or perhaps a new Noun, of Death. Thereby becoming a god, the first new god in the history of the World Tree. No wonder we haven't heard of him."

Strenata:"Nothing like that. He's a ritual mage who simply specializes in murder."

Me:"Isn't that a bit, well, illegal or something?"

Strenata:"Hardly. He doesn't murder Vheshrame citizens, for gods' sake. He's a ritual mage, he can work at a rather impressive distance."

Me:"Wouldn't Nestrune have honorary citizenship? Don't I, for that matter?"

Strenata:"Well, your claim is better than Nestrune's. Hezimikkinen would probably be annoyed if you got murdered, for all your sibling quarrels."

Me:"I should hope so!"

Real-Eel:"That's all very well, but why did the Khtsoyis toss me into the sewer?"

Strenata:"Oh, apparently Nestrune didn't tell them where to find him."

Real-Eel:"So naturally they chase me and stench me!"

Strenata:"They've got a Khtsoyis. For reasons best known to themselves, they chose him as their diplomat. I suppose the Sleeth is their healer, too."


Strenata:"None other!"

Real-Eel:"Now, can you heal my scent?"

Strenata:"Oh, right!" She did.

Real-Eel:"Where are we, now?"

Strenata:"I owe you seven more cley of spells."

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