Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Adventurers from Daukrhame [8 Thory 4261]

I hadn't gotten through writing half my dinner with Esory when other things happened. I'll finish it up soon -- it was notable for various reasons -- but I want to write about today's day's events today.

The first sign that there was something amiss was that Real-Eel popped through my door, stinking rather immensely. "Sythyry, do you happen to have some fearsome and mighty weapons that your grandmother lent you?"

Me:"Zie's not my grandmother, and they're generally rather defensive in character. And not wholly under my control."

Real-Eel:"Pity, that. I could rather use a chalice which pours forth venomous clawed flames just about now."

Me:"It was decided that I should not have much opportunity either destroy Vheshrame by mistake or to bully my classmates. Besides, that'd be a very hard thing to make a chalice do; chalices are for healing."

Real-Eel:"You're bullying me with your expertise in Enchantment. Dratted second-trimester students who know everything..."

Me:"I hardly know everything! Indeed, I have not the slightest idea who pushed you into the privy and thereby needs venomous clawed revenge."

Real-Eel:"Oh, that. Neither do I."

Me:"You don't? A sneak attack, perhaps?"

Real-Eel:"Well, actually I did it."

Me:"I surely will not help you get revenge upon yourself!"

But what happened is this. A half-dozen armed and armored foreigners, including a Khtsoyis and a Sleeth, wandered into the quad and started shouting, "Nestrune! Nestrune!" Real-Eel helpfully tried to talk to one of the Orren about him. She was a bit cautious. The Khtsoyis was not accepting caution. He floated above her and waved his clubs dangerously! One or two of the others also menaced her! So, she did what any Wild Rushing Orren would do: she dumped water on herself, turned into water-form, and fled down the smallest, wettest hole she could find. Into the sewer. And came up to chat with a friend who (1) might be able to protect her from the Khtsoyis (I probably could), (2) might be able to help her get revenge on the Khtsoyis (I can't), and (3) has the sensible, fair, balanced, and thoroughly-considered opinion that Nestrune is rather deserving of assorted discomforts and distresses (I do).

What I could do, is help wash her up. (This involved more heating water than actual washing.

What I couldn't do, is scrub the stink out of her fur or the house. So we hunted down Strenata, who is good at Airador, and...

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