Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Vhisit Vheshrame at Anthrocon!

This weekend, beetiger, projectmothra, and I will be at Anthrocon. I'll be running a World Tree game Saturday 3:30-7 in the gaming room. It will be set in Vheshrame, at the Academy; you will meet various of Sythyry's social circle. I will accept standard starting characters designed via the World Tree book, and I will have some pregenerated characters as well. There are 4-5 slots open.

I'd be glad to catch up with people elsewise as well. My name badge probably says "FLOKI" and/or "BARD". Rhys and I look like this -- though there probably aren't all that many 9-month-olds at the con so Rhys at least will be easy to find. If you want to catch me at the con, email to bard at bestweb dot net will probably get to me sooner or later.

Friday evening: I'll be in our hotel room on Friday night from about 7:30 on, on baby duty. I'd appreciate quiet visitors after about 8, especially ones who don't mind a sleeping Fountain of Infinite Cuteness in the corner, or being ignored if the Fountain wakes up and turns into a Fountain of Infinite Howlness.

Saturday evening: If you can't make it to the game, but want to catch me and some food, I'll probably be ravening off to some nearby restaurant at about 7:15 on Saturday, and I'd be glad of company. Vicki's on baby duty that night.

See some of you there, I hope!

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