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My Dinner with Esory [6 Thory 4261]

Naturally, when I promised to take Esory out to dinner "the next day", I wound up taking her out to dinner three days later. I survived her wrath largely because:

  1. On the 4th, when I had promised to take her, she had already promised to have dinner at home with her parents. We postponed it to the next day, the 5th.
  2. On the 5th, she chose to write an essay upon "The Hunting Habits of the Greater Spotted Screeve" rather than have dinner with me. I don't know what a screeve is. Neither did she, which is why she chose to write the essay rather than have dinner with me. We postponed it to the next day, the 7th.
  3. On the 6th, I arrived at Chateau ky Fiaunrhel at the appointed time, to be met with perplexity and perplexion both.

Esory:"Sythyry, I thought we had said the 7th..?"

Me:"So we had... Esory, I thought we had said the next day."

Esory:"So we had ... Sythyry, I have to apologize, but I cannot dine with you tonight. Indeed, I cannot dine with anyone, for I have already eaten an early dinner, and gorged myself mightily upon roast wudgeon stuffed with dried prens. Perhaps we could try again for the next night, the 7th, but the more sevensome sort of seventh?"

Me:"But how next-day-some a next day? After all, today was as next-day-some a next day as ever there was, and it didn't work at all well."

Esory:"Just as next-day-some as this time, but more sevenly?"

Me:"I will make it as sevenly as ever I can... actually, I shouldn't."

Esory:"Shouldn't? Why not?"

Me:"Thrice I have come for you, and thrice you have spurnfully denied me!" If I were Ghirbis, I would have sung or thundered it, but my improvisational singing is only suitable for medical emergencies, and my thundering is far-off indeed.

Esory:"I'm very sorry! I'll come out with you tonight, then, and count it as dinner even if I'm only eating a bowl of thin, limp, limpid consomee."

Me:"You needn't be so alarmed! Technically you didn't refuse the last one, you just refused to do it on the wrong night, which is hardly so much of a refusal as a correction."

Esory:"Oh, I'm very glad. You're sure it's not a problem?"

Me:"Slootly not a problem!"

Esory:"I'll slootly be there next time!"

So she invited me in to Caer ky Fiaunrhel and showed me around ... the south wall of the parlor. The family has been living there since Fiaunrhel started getting rich, which must be four or five hundred years.

Four or five hundred years of Rassimel.

Rassimel living in the same place.

Rich Rassimel living in the same place.

Rich Rassimel, all of them expert in Locador magic and formal enchantment, living in the same place.

Which is to say ... I think the parlor must have been expanded to be bigger inside than the Ducal palace, and been mutated so that it has six times as many walls as a small square room ought to have, and every inch of every wall is adorned and bedazzled by someRassy's extensive and brilliant collection of something.

If immortality ever grates on me so terribly, I will come here and do a spraddled-catalog analysis of the whole thing. As it was, I was very glad to have taken Famous Collections and was able to make suitably educated-sounded appreciative comments to Esory's father.

Despite not knowing anything at all about collections of ancient, legendary, ornate, and foreign toasting-forks.

(No, that's not an exaggeration. Esory's great-great-great-grandmother has a toasting fork that is older than my ~mother~, and another one imported at great expense from the far end of Craitheia, just because the great-great-great-grandmother could.)

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